GameFront’s Dream Kickstarter Projects

When Double Fine first announced their plan to raise money for a new game using Kickstarter, people were excited — by the prospect of a new Double Fine game. Once Double Fine managed to raise over a million dollars in a little more than a day, however, people were excited — by the prospect of using Kickstarter to fund projects that publishers otherwise wouldn’t be interested in.

Lead Planescape: Torment Developer Chris Avellone speculated openly on Twitter about financing a game using the site. Popular gaming pundits predicted a sea change in the process of game development. Here at GameFront, we got to thinking: if we had the power to resurrect one franchise or idea through the power of Kickstarter, what would it be? Read on to discover the GameFront writing staff’s dream Kickstarter projects.

C.J. Miozzi: Hunter Hunted


Few of you probably remember Hunter Hunted, the 1996 side-scrolling action game released by now-defunct Sierra Entertainment. Thin on story but heavy on adrenaline, Hunter Hunted had you taking on the role of an action-hero human or a minotaur alien, alternating between roles as the Hunter and the Hunted.

With a total of 120 missions and a split-screen two-player component that came in both PvP (then called head-to-head) and cooperative varieties, Hunter Hunted was just good, old-fashioned fun. This may be me looking back on the game with rose-colored glasses, given Hunter Hunted was never successful enough to spawn a sequel, but I’d love to see a remake that is compatible with modern operating systems and opens up the 2-player component to an online multiplayer scene.

With gameplay that built upon Blizzard’s Blackthorne (that’s right; Blizzard Entertainment existed before Warcraft), Hunter Hunted featured missions centered on slaying aliens as well as missions in which survival was the objective, both liberally intermixed with adventure elements such as hidden passages and lever puzzles. The game’s biggest innovation was its pseudo-3D level design element: the ability to move between different 2D levels that are layered closer to and further away from your “computer screen.”

Hunter Hunted’s retro feel is perfect for the indie scene, and there may just be enough old-school fans of the game to fund a Kickstarter remake. Slap in some modern ideas like global multiplayer ranking and a marketplace for silly hats and whatnot, and Hunter Hunted may just live on as a cult classic.

Ron Whitaker: Descent


Back in 1995, Parallax Software released a 3D first-person shooter called Descent. I’m aware that there are a ton of gamers that never played Descent. I feel sorry for those people.

Descent offered something that most shooters wouldn’t dare try: six degrees of free movement in a zero-gravity environment. There really wasn’t an ‘up’ direction. It was disorienting to the point of causing some people to become nauseous or ill. It was also awesome.

With support for keyboard, mouse, and joystick controls (and supporting combinations of any two of these, even dual joysticks), Descent was a model for games giving players options. Most importantly, Descent had an extremely robust community. Like most games of the era, players could mod it and make new maps for it, an opportunity which they didn’t let go to waste.

Descent’s been dead to the world for some time. Heck, Interplay let the trademark on it lapse back in 2002, but they picked it up again in 2008. With the current struggles that Interplay is having, it’s not likely that Descent is going to see the light of day again, unless someone picks up the IP. Still, it’s a glorious game to dream of being able to put my money toward.

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4 Comments on GameFront’s Dream Kickstarter Projects

Red Menace

On February 14, 2012 at 4:05 pm



On February 15, 2012 at 7:20 am

Tom Fancis and Gunpoint. Francis is amazingly talented and Gunpoint looks solid. I just want to get as much game out of that man as possible. Maybe even force him to finish his randomly generated LoZelda maps tech demo.


On February 15, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Farspace would preempt Freelancer, both would rock though.

Anyone remember PO’d on the 3DO?