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Captain Jack Crusher is an American commando sent on solo missions behind enemy lines. There are 12 missions, all aimed at furthering the case of the Allies against the Axis. The first mission, affectionately known as The Yard, plants the game player – as Crusher – inside a German camp, replete with high brick walls, places to duck into to get out of the direct line of enemy fire, and, of course, a number of German soldiers to get through and limited ammunition to do it with.

The last mission is called Assassination and involves planting an explosive-filled briefcase in a room in Rastenburg in the effort to take out Hitler.

One of the first things that players needed to do (at least with the beta program) was configure the control settings. Nothing was predetermined. You can set the game for keyboard/mouse-based controls or use a joystick.

The first thing noticeable in The Yard was that the enemy wasn’t overly bright. Taking out one German soldier should have had the rest scrambling for cover, but several continued to walk posts near their fallen comrade. Hopefully the AI will be tweaked a little higher in the final version of the game. If that does happen, watch out – this will be a very tough game.

Graphically the game features first- and third-person perspectives, and the three-dimensional look – while not as strong as another game in development, The Deadly Dozen from Infogrames – worked to convey the settings. The animation of the enemy was a little stiff. The game does feature World War II-era armament, which makes planning out a mission – and not just barreling in with guns blazing – a must.

The game’s sound is very crisp, and effectively conveys the time period through its cacophony of battle sounds.

Releasing this program at the same time of the Infogrames’ release will likely work against 3D World War II. It is not as strong a program, but looking at it on its own, it is a decent FPS. It is filled with the imagery of war, and tries to convey the emotions associated with the darkest hours of human existence.

3D World War II probably won’t teach you much about that portion of human history. It sets out to entertain and does that quicker than a Jack Crusher parachute drop.

3d WWII at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: GameActive Networks
  • Publisher: Lippiesoft