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The game is set in a world where plagues, pollution, and nuclear disasters have destroyed the structure of today’s society. Military law reigns supreme, and with the assistance of Medtech, a massive research conglomerate, the military leaders have developed an experimental drug called Adrenix, which increases a soldier’s strength, endurance, and resistance to pain. Unfortunately, there is one minor side effect: death.

Regardless of the lives at stake, the experiments continue and since no one will knowingly volunteer for the project, Medtech begins seizing citizens at random to become the subjects of their ghastly experiments. The only resistance to Medtech’s iron rule is a rebel faction of former soldiers who still value freedom.

Your character is Scott Griffon, Medtech’s top pilot, and the rebel faction’s most dangerous foe. But, when Scott’s fiancee, Maria, gets too close to Medtech’s secrets, she is kidnapped by the power-hungry General Pillerman, and Griffon is thrown in front of a firing squad. Rescued by the rebels he once espised, Griffon joins them in an alliance to free Maria, and crush Medtech’s mad plans to re-engineer mankind.

Adrenix at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Digital Dialect
  • Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment