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AirMech is a revolutionary action-strategy game that puts you in the battle as a giant transforming robot!

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We've been quiet for a while now, but it's time to lay out the details for AirMech Strike and AirMech Wastelands!

May 11 2017 by airmech

Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll have the AirMech servers back up ASAP.

Apr 19 2017 by airmech

RT @cymix_: LIVE on #twitch playing @AirMech Command for the first time -- so... it's an action RTS in #VR? I'm ready.. I think.

Apr 18 2017 by airmech

Sorry for the downtime. AirMech servers are back online!

Mar 26 2017 by airmech

Watch @ParadiseDecay play AirMech Command, with full gamepad support as well as motion controllers:

Mar 14 2017 by airmech

RT @MrWoodenSheep: A Sheepish look at @AirMech Command! An well-polished RTS game that has you control your own mech army through VR.

Mar 12 2017 by airmech

RT @chetfaliszek: Congrats! With cross platform play even!

Mar 9 2017 by airmech

First player video of AirMech Command on Vive! Need to have language options on startup!

Mar 9 2017 by airmech

We've moved! Our new name is simply @AirMech on Twitter! Follow us there for all things AirMech!

Feb 18 2015 by playairmech

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  • invinciblejakeo invinciblejakeo

    When I start up the game it says 'Failed to connect to to get version information' and I have a internet connection and everything.

    • Stuart98 Stuart98

      I'd assume that it's a desura issue. Use the steam version.

  • austen1000 austen1000

    Is the paid version of this game playable offline?

  • Foraat Foraat

    My virus scanner deletes some of the files of the game while it is loading its "Awesomeness" and then the game turns off.

    • CarbonJames CarbonJames Creator

      Desura has a very old version of the game. It's not run very often, and some AV programs just freak out at anything that patches itself. I suggest to uninstall whatever AV that is complaining and use Microsoft Security Essentials, it's what I use.

      You can also get AirMech for free on Steam and avoid this problem. Just search for it over there.

      • Creepermarik Creepermarik

        Why go to someones website and say there games are out of date?
        wen you can just make a youtube vid. ?

        P.S. pleas dont reply to this.

        -4 +
    • Void00 Void00

      if your antivirus delete files ... his "awesomenes" cant work logically ... why an indie productor would liek to place virus in their games ? ._. falsepositive , mine didn't sayd anything

      3 +
  • dexmark5 dexmark5

    this looks cool

  • MiniDude MiniDude

    This game is EPIC! and its F2P, which makes it even more epic :P.. I recommend it to all of you guys that like Strategy games :)..

    Here is the PlayDB Video, for those that want to check it before downloading.

    5 +
  • Nikaas Nikaas

    I already play this game on Steam for 2 months and its great. The multiplayer is really fun and very competitive. There are some elements from LoL/Dota but its still extremely different gameplay (and way better).

    4 +