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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Remedy Still Wants Its Alan Wake Sequel


Alan Wake was, for all intents and purposes, and undeniably well-crafted game was never quite able to get the sales…

Remedy Teases Something Alongside Alan Wake Steam Sale

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Could Alan Wake 2 news be coming this year? Yeah, probably.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare PC Review

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The downloadable addition to the Alan Wake franchise is a nice PC port of a somewhat lackluster title.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Flashes PC on May 22

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It’s on sale on Steam right now.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare On PC Confirmed Via Steam Registry


It’s happening for real.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Achievements


Skip to the end of Alan Wake’s new manuscript and see what you’ve been missing.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Walkthrough


Scratch that Alan Wake itch.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Cheats


Cure your writer’s block.

Remedy Discusses Alan Wake 2


They want to make it; you want to play it. What’s the holdup?

Alan Wake Hits PC on Feb. 16 with Amped Graphics, 3-D Support

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Your $29.99 will net you Alan Wake, its two DLC packs, and a prettier Northwest forest setting.

Report: Microsoft Points Are Going Away Forever

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Xbox Live House Party Games Dated And Priced (Alan Wake on February 22)

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Hooray Alan Wake!

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, I Am Alive Get a Launch Window

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They’re coming to the Xbox Live House Party!

Get To Know Every Big Release in 2012

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We’ve run down all interesting-looking titles of 2012. Enjoy.

Remedy Announces Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Arcade Mode

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More details about the upcoming downloadable follow-up that’s not Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Extended Reveal Trailer

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Let’s see it!

German Ratings Board Reveals Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

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More info coming Saturday at the VGAs, it seems.

Alan Wake Wears Flannel in Alan Wake: Night Springs (PIC)

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The game’s looking deserty.