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Albatross18: Season 3 Revolution

Albatross18 Season 3 will roll out all new community features that will make trading, selling, and socializing even better than before. In addition to an enhanced user interface, the new 3D virtual lobby PSquare facilitates trading and socializing, and Personal Shops allow players to create their own shops and sell goodies at prices they determine. Players will also be able to purchase mascots, each with its own specialty that boost your golf game.

Season 3 will also introduce some exciting new play elements:

- Kaz, a new character rumored to be the successor to the infamous Demon King. A master of the sword, Kaz is an enigmatic character struggling with his own internal conflict between good and evil.

- Deep Inferno, a new course covered with volcanoes, magma pits, and flowing rivers of lava. Deep Inferno provides a challenging setup to even the most experienced of Albatross18 players.

- The Spike Shot, a new special shot allowing for greater accuracy. If mastered, it gives the skilled player a definite advantage on certain holes.

Albatross18: Season 3 Revolution at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: SPORTS
  • Developer: Ntreev Soft
  • Publisher: OGplanet