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Alien vs. Predator 2 combines elements, creatures, and settings from the hit movies Aliens and Predator in three unique, interlocking stories. They unfold from the perspective of a young Marine Corporal, a newly-emerged Alien, and a Predator on the hunt. Highly detailed environments, phenomenal effects, and an advanced game engine intensify the gameplay of this first-person shooter adventure.

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  • #3Guest Guest

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  • BlackShadowWolf181 BlackShadowWolf181

    How do u download this game?

  • #2Guest Guest

    I can download AvP2 Original And Oficial?

    • Quaskie Quaskie

      Sure, but considering it's not on sale anymore you would either have to get a copy off Amazon or get it from here:

  • alencore alencore

    Client MFC has Application has stopped working fix...

    Click on start and select run
    In run type sysdm.cpl.
    This will bring up system properties.
    In system properties click on the Advanced tab.
    Click on settings under Performance.
    A new window pops up select the Data Execution Prevention tab.
    Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select should be checked.
    Click on Add and browse to the path of whatever version of software you are using and select the executable....and apply! done it works on the avp2 game.

  • themesmith themesmith

    Anyone know where I can find the total war skin pack for this game?

  • Quaskie Quaskie

    Apparently there is a fan-hosted iteration of Gamefront with all the AVP2 maps (among others). Being unofficial I doubt that it will last long, so I'm asking everyone to salvage as many of these as you can and upload them here.

  • s11789 s11789

    can any body tell me how to fix the client mfc problem for avp2(not Primal Hunt)

  • DoNotPlayMultiplayer DoNotPlayMultiplayer

    Anyone want to help me narrow down which mods are specifically for Single Player such as new Single Player Maps or Campaigns for AvP2?

    I think "Island of the Dead" was the only known and released Single Player Campaign maps by the community, but I hope someone can point me to additional ones that I might have missed or overlooked.

    I was very disappointed that this game was never given a Skirmish or Co-Op levels or Co-Op campaign. At least the first game had supported such modes, but NO.

    The developers just had to ONLY focus so much on the competitive modes and not even give an Objective-Based Co-Op mode.

    Even the added Single Player campaign from the Primal Hunt expansion was awful.

    So I really would hope there are some better fan-made Custom SIngle Player Campaigns or User Maps for download.

    Heard there had been like just 1 MOD called X-Coop Beta 2.5 which can be downloaded here:

    But that Co-Op MOD had never been polished or completed and finished.

    It's such a shame, if only someone would make whole new Mod, even if it's a shorter 3 to 4 level or missions for Custom Co-Op or Single Player Campaign MOD, then I'd have BIG incentive to re-play this game again.

    • Quaskie Quaskie

      I'm trying to pick up the ropes but honestly I find DEdit to be a little difficult to use. Download it and see for yourself.

      You should take a look towards "Under the Hunter's Moon" and "Hostile Appetite", especially if you enjoyed the movies (AVP and Aliens, respectively). They are made by windebieste, a respected member within the AVP community.

      Is it also him who made several skirmish maps like Gladiator and Ruinous, but they're not available here. I'm sure that there are still several videos on YouTube, go look them up.

      From my knowledge they're available on Gamefront until the 30th of April when the site goes dark forever. You should give it a chance while you still can ! Unfortunately it never worked for me but I'm still keeping my hope.

      And by the way, relevant username. I'm a big fan of singleplayer content myself. :P

      • DoNotPlayMultiplayer DoNotPlayMultiplayer

        THe reason being is that I grew so disappointed and frustrated with the lack of officially support Co-Op modes such as Campaigns that work fully with Co-Op multiplayer unlike how back in the early days of Classic Doom and Duke Nukem 3D as I really missed how back in those days, Co-Op is 100% Fully Compatible with the entire campaigns' maps WITHOUT any issues.

        I just became so fed up that the industry, as they rarely ever cater to those that enjoy good full co-op campaigns so I called it quits entirely for Multiplayer, in particular to all the competitive Deathmatch gameplay modes.

        I did not find any of the competitive multiplayer modes enjoyable experiences, especially when playing them ONLINE, and that is because Latency (LAG) is never completely avoidable, and there are always some people that will always bitch, whine and complain about every single thing they find wrong with the game, such as when they are losing constantly (always blaming other players and never themselves), or get really cocky and brag frequently and try to put down other less experienced players, and then there are the trolls and hackers whose sole objectives are to ruin the fun for everyone else by any means necessary such as using "cheats" in online multiplayer games or merely to f--k with everyone and anyone that they can.

        If it was LOCAL Multiplayer, I'd have more control over whom I play with and what we play, easier negotiations and developing a play group. Online is significantly harder. I don't have anyone to play with locally anymore so therefore I only concentrate on Single Player mods such as new maps, campaigns, tweaks, etc.,

        And also because I had become really bored and tired of the repetitiveness and sameness of Competitive Multiplayer Modes. What I meant is more often than not Deathmatches follow the same cycle: You spawn on a map, fight and kill other players, or you get killed by other players, then respawn on the same map and repeat until a Score Limit or Time Limit had been reached. Fun in the beginning, but it's been getting old, since the days of Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Unreal Tournament.