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Altis Gates

Altis Gates is a turned-based 2.5D fantasy MMORPG. The game is being developed by a talented team led by the leading developer of a game that once reached 2 million concurrent users in China. The Altis Gates dev team has introduced groundbreaking diversification to the game, making it the only current game to allow players to shift shape at their whim.

Interactive Pets

Altis Gates takes interactive pets to new heights. The game not only allows players to fight side by side with their pets, but also offers high levels of animation and personality that will enable pets to respond to their treatment or experiences. Their moods change over time, so they may sometimes act like a spoiled child, pretend to be sick, ask for a snack, or even tell jokes. Their tempers can be changed too. A pet becomes more loyal and friendly the more time its master devotes to training them and making them stronger.

Fun, Diverse Gameplay

Besides the amazing pet system, Altis Gates features a number of other fun gameplay elements. Roughly ten types of quests will appear in the game at release, including Storyline Quests, Suppression Quests, CoC (Chamber of Commerce) Quests, and many others. The Space Rifts, Elemental Lords, and other tough and interesting challenges will keep high-level players engaged with fun and surprises, not to mention ample rewards. In addition, sky gliders, elevators, and detailed architecture modeled on European classical styles will enable players to enjoy a traveling through this fantastic kingdom filled with magic and wondrous sights.

Top Graphics

The Altis Gates dev team took advantage of DirectX technology and advanced 3D particle effects to design intense combat and spell graphics. All the game terrain and structures were designed using 3D modeling. What players will see in Altis Gates are not hidebound 2.5D scenes, but natural, dynamic environments featuring details such as a sluggish trickle of water or a thin curl of smoke. These cutting-edge technologies enabled the dev team to create a richly immersive environment and stunning combat effects.

Altis Gates at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ADVENTURE
  • Developer: Guangzhou Netgame Digital Technology Ltd.
  • Publisher: