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AMY Launch Trailer


I heard this game sucks.

AMY Walkthrough


Escape the zombie apocalypse with Amy and Game Front.

Survival Horror Title AMY Delayed Because of Price Point

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Xbox 360 players can get the game tomorrow; Playstation 3 players need to wait a week.

AMY Achievements


Face the undead hordes with your best weapon — an 8 year-old girl.

AMY Cheats


Don’t leave Amy behind! Push forward with our list of extra content.

You Have to Fight Off Your Own Zombification in AMY (TRAILER)

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You can trick zombies into thinking you’re a zombie, until you actually turn into a zombie.

Gamescom 2011: Amy Continues to Look Creeptastic (TRAILER)

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Ready for this game to make me s–t my pants in fear.

PSN Survival-Horror Title Amy’s Graphics Look Creepy (TRAILER)

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Hopefully the game plays as good as it looks.

Amy at a Glance