Analogue: A Hate Story


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Thousands of the years ago, the generation ship Mugunghwa was sent out to establish a colony. It disappeared, never reaching its destination, its ultimate fate remaining an unsolved mystery... until now. Uncover what happened to the final generation aboard the Mugunghwa by reading through its dead crew's logs, with the help of a spunky AI sidekick! Two pursuable characters. Five endings. A dark visual novel mystery based on Korean history, featuring transhumanism, traditional marriage, loneliness, and cosplay. Welcome to the future.

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RT @christinelove: “Shaka, when the walls fell,” the alien conceded. “No!” Picard launched into a motivational speech. “Dril, when the hoagies were taxed!”

51mins ago

RT @christinelove: Let me tell you what the best thing in the world is: ✨ GIRLS ✨ ✨ GETTING ✨ ✨ TIED UP ✨ ✨ BY ✨ ✨ OTHER GIRLS ✨…

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Honestly the best system in ME:A is the one where everyone in the car goes “HOLY SHIT LOOK OUT” when you’re too close to the edge of a cliff

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RT @lauraehall: Hot takes of 1929

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2012: The Walking Dead 2013: Gone Home 2014: Lightning Returns 2015: Undertale 2016: idk I’m SO behind ask me when…

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RT @textfiles: Announcing the re-screenshotted Macintosh stuff and the Hypercard Stack-playing ability.

Apr 25 2017

“Imagine an Ouroboros, except instead of eating its own tail, its shoving its head into its own cloaca. That’s what this conversation is.”

Apr 25 2017

RT @logodaedalus: The most fitting fate for people reviving "narrative vs ludology" is to have their mentions filled with ppl discovering it for the 1st time.

Apr 25 2017

Here’s a fun bit of trivia: the last time the holodeck featured regularly in a Star Trek series was Voyager’s final season, in mid-2001.

Apr 25 2017

RT @AbbyHoward: Psst, there is a small JSPH for you today

Apr 25 2017

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  • azaptyE azaptyE

    Don't you die on me!

  • smurfinaus smurfinaus

    Can we have a desura release for Hate Plus ?

    3 +
  • Toryu-Mau Toryu-Mau

    It's good to see a Korean indie make it to the Western audience.

    Seeing as to it's a well known fact that Piracy has practically Genocided indie developers in Korea :(
    (Almost to an extent they make it look like it's a form of Natural Desaster >:()

  • edrst10 edrst10

    Very unique game, highly recommend it!

    4 +
  • sam0kramer sam0kramer

    Soo much reading xD

  • Nathant18 Nathant18

    Wow. I just finished playing this game, and it is awesome!!!!! Is there anymore like it?

    4 +
  • Sofox Sofox

    Nice, any chance of making available on Desura some of your other work like Digital: A Love Story and don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story?

    I've had a long time love of Digital: A Love Story, and I think having them easily available on Desura would get others interested in your work.

    7 +