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Army Men III is the conclusion to the never-finished original Army Men series that starred the original "Sarge" character. With the Insane Grey Doctor and his twisted creations wreaking havoc across the plastic world, As a last-resort, the entire nations from the Plastic World join forces and launches a full-scale assault on the Grey Doctor fortress. With the help of the newcomer, Corporal Wallace Aron Niles and members of Foxtrot company, Sarge returns in this final installment to finish where he left off - Destroy the Grey Doctor and his army of psychotic experiments once and for all.

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May 30 2017

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Army Men: RTS is available for purchase at @GOGcom! #Gaming #ArmyMen

Mar 27 2017

Freedom Force: The game that started it all. How AM3 became what it is today. #Gaming #FreedomForce #ArmyMen

Mar 12 2017

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    Well, ****. Maybe when you get enough time on your hands you can do this as a side project or something, would never ever want you to give up hope on this project. It would be a disgrace to say the least. Those assets could be used for something at some point. But money makes the world go around. I'm sorry to see your team break up. Leadership is an important trait in making something happen with a group.

    Good Luck on you other endeavors.

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    • LordIheanacho LordIheanacho Creator

      Believe me. I REALLY wish I had time for this project, but my family and I are under dire circumstances now, especially thanks to my own college debt and now my siblings debt that will soon come after. On top of that, the former team has long since moved on - college, job, etc. Lost a LOT of friends, burned a lot of bridges, and I've lost motivation to work on AM3 again.

      Maybe in the future when Néotl Empire gets larger and more financially powerful can we try again. But for now, I must tend to a new project - alone.

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    i want to see Vikki again :)

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  • Executor-64- Executor-64-

    army men 1,2 and toys in space just released on
    what's the status on this game, is it a profit or non profit project ?

    • LordIheanacho LordIheanacho Creator

      We had nothing to do with the sales on, that was entirely from 2K's end. GoG basically asked them to get the old games on their platforms and they didn't mind.

      I just wished they added Air Tactics, World War, and Sarge's Heroes on their as well.

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  • Bolt_Speedman Bolt_Speedman

    Army Men was a huge part of my childhood. Now I am an adult, and this reminded me of why I loved the series so much. It delighted me to know that others loved it as much as I did and was sad to see it end, now it doesn't have to, thanks to you and your hard work. I love every aspect of how you have created an Army Men game, you have done it right where so many others could have failed. It stays true to the series in every respect, the levels, the weapons, the enemies, the animations, the music (which I love), and the slightly cheesy but likable and fun atmosphere. You brought the child out in me with this game, and I thank you so much for doing so. I look forward to seeing further development and wish you the best of luck. Thanks for making me feel like a kid again.

    A fan of a massively underrated game series.

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