Atom Zombie Smasher


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Take command of your mercenary forces in Atom Zombie Smasher. The zombie apocalypse is upon us and it's up to you to evacuate everyone before they fall prey to the undead. Conduct massive rescue operations with a helping hand from snipers, artillery crews, orbital bombardments, and more. Experience the tactical richness of fully-destructible environments and procedurally-generated campaigns. And when the apocalypse ends, create your own game mods and share them with the Online File Share.

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  • NekomimiBadik NekomimiBadik

    Pretty fun game, with a small problem - it's really easy to get bored of it =3=

    +Nice visuals for a 25 Mb game - fun comix full of jokes included.
    +Good soundwork - yet only one song.
    +Various team set-ups, from melee troops with rifles to military cannons wiping streets in seconds.
    +Community mods - I skipped that part but probably that's what should not let you get bored.
    +Steam achievements - really grindy, hard to get 100%
    -No steam cards
    -Gets boring after an hour or two.

    More reviews in my steam profile

  • HoellP HoellP

    I love this game, but sadly it doesn't work anymore with Ubuntu 13.04...
    When i try to start it from the terminal, i get: "Corlib too old for this runtime."

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    • Grossor Grossor

      works fine for me in the latest version of xubuntu.

    • hemebond hemebond

      Yeap. That'll teach me for buying a closed-source game built on Mono.

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  • Toonarmy Toonarmy

    I have this game on desura but any chance one of the devs would give me a steam key?

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  • Jsmon Jsmon

    Hey guys.

    This game is awesome and is one of my all time favorites!
    It's really, really, really fun.

    I made a short Let's Play with it, so why not check it out to decide if you should buy it or not?


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  • BeatYourHeadIn BeatYourHeadIn

    From the summary: "Take command of your MERCENARY forces in Atom Zombie Smasher."

    The idea that the heroes saving civilians from a zombie pandemic would be soldiers-for-hire makes me laugh.

    After all, what kind of an A-HOLE facing a MANKIND EXTINCTION EVENT says, "sure, I'll go there. Save the people. Save the world. But first... let's talk about how much you're gonna pay me!" :D

    I have the game on Steam and loved it while the novelty lasted, but that merc thing always makes me smile.

    • BeatYourHeadIn BeatYourHeadIn

      Payment? You want to talk about... PAYMENT!? Out there, right this second, there are little blue and yellow rectangular prisms fleeing for their lives down the streets of Simcity, being converted into purple rectangular prisms BY THE HUNDEREDS! Let's talk about what you're gonna do about that! You're gonna take your sorry little uh... 823rd Emerald Buffalos... heh, whatever! And you're gonna go uh... let me see that contract... you're gonna uh... deploy landmines, right... uh... deploy remote detonation explosives. Oookay that's a little bit better, i guess... and you're gonna... deploy barricades? Oooooh CHRIST! IS THAT ALL YOU"RE GONNA DO FOR ME!? Two useless things and one REALLY USELESS THING!? ARGH! I could just atom zombie smash your FACE IN RIGHT NOW!!!

  • anagromataf anagromataf

    I don't know why they are unable to distribute a working copy of atom zombie smasher.
    But I downloaded my humble indie bundle copy of it and patched with:
    to the newest version. Please tell the official desura people about it.

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