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Battlefield: 1942 is a tactical first-person shooter set in World War II. It introduces combined arms tactics, using tanks and dive-bombers, submarines and carriers, and machinegun nests with AA-artillery. Every aspect of WWII warfare will be accessible to a player and his friends from an FPS perspective, and the ultimate goal is to win enough campaigns to win the war.

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  • #4Guest Guest

    Battlefield 1918 v3.1 is the best for the Players! Badewiese is the best WW1 Server for this Mod! Thank you for developing after 6 Years again!It is one bright light in the society dark for me!

    3 +
  • #4Guest Guest

    what a good work, thats awesome guys. i love you for this work, you make my year. just you make me happy. im a really ww1 fan. there is no similar game on the market, this BF 1918 Mod is unique of his own.:) Thank you. Please make a full coop support.

  • [BF1918]Cicero [BF1918]Cicero

    nice, keep up the good work!

  • DjazDajim DjazDajim

    where do i download this??? its not on origin anymore

    • Armcoon Armcoon

      Yap, Origin's Battlefield 1942 is no more, but you can find here:

  • TitanGorilla TitanGorilla

    how do you install it?

  • Jelian51 Jelian51

    How i download it?.I can´t find the buttom "download".

    -2 +
  • rbcaamoan rbcaamoan

    I have problem,I installed BF1942 and whenever i launch it only appears black screen and disappears

    Help me

  • moddb_dev moddb_dev

    Where is the new mods.Olds mods in here...

    -1 +

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