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With this map, you can either be on US side and conquer IWO JIMA. Grab a modern UH1Y VENOM helicopter at the most Southern point of the carrier and fight against the CHINESE. A huge US fregate FFG Perry will give you fire support as well as some other aavp7a1.Or you can be as well on the Chinese side - grab a WZ-11 helicopter at the most northern landing site of IWO Jima and try to stop the US invasion. Be cautious flying high above the beach ;-).Both sides are supported by amphibious apcs and infantry. The Chinese have tanks with lasers to blind enemy pilots.All vehicles were tweaked+ported by me to vanilla BF2 from other mods. Credits to Demon_from_Pripyat for the WZ11 and to Emaozipujing for the UH1Y. Credits to ineffably_holy for his awesome minigun that I used for the UH1Y. Credits to Lions Roar mod for the tanks. Credits to POE2.5 mod for usapc_aavp7a1 and credits to CHINA 3.0 mod for the fregate FFG_Perry and the Z-19 helo.The apc WZ 551b comes from PR mod - thank you devs!

IWO JIMA with ship

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