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Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3 is the successor to the acclaimed game Battlefield 2. It includes advanced and innovative features like Frostbite 2, the incredible technology that takes animation, destruction, lighting, scale and audio to new heights, Feeling the impact of bullets and explosions, dragging your fallen comrades into safety, and mounting your weapon on almost any part of the terrain, and unparalleled vehicle warfare.

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Absolute domination in Monte Grappa. This clip *might* be better. Can anyone top it?

47mins ago

Alright, @BIackwing 's currently winning with the best spree in #Battlefield 1 so far. Have a better one? Video or…

3hours ago

RT if your weekend plans involve trying out Operations Mode in #Battlefield 1. Learn the ropes from @MrProWestie:…

4hours ago

Have you had a breathtaking moment in #Battlefield 1? @Vice has.

5hours ago

Greetings from Monte Grappa. Come for the sights, stay for the explosions. (pic: @Berduu)

6hours ago

7hours ago

Welcome to the #Battlefield 1 Boot Camp. It's time to get trained up (and earn an exclusive Dog Tag):…

9hours ago

Your K/D need some work? We've got the tips you need to get to the top of the scoreboard:

11hours ago

That #Battlefeel when you get an AWESOME kill and have... no idea how it happened. (vid: GiraffesRLoose)

13hours ago

23hours ago

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  • Ismoleboss Ismoleboss

    If only bf3 had modding support and tactical radio message

  • warwolf821 warwolf821

    Can someone make a starwars mod for this game? So we get the Battlefront DICE should have made? lol

  • Emiliomau Emiliomau

    Battlefield 3 LAN Multiplayer - Emulator chama por bshtornado

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  • Muntaqim_313 Muntaqim_313

    Anyone here thought about what would happen if Solomon was in The Sims 3?

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  • Muntaqim_313 Muntaqim_313

    Take DICE and Maxis away from EA. What do they have left? I would've included EA Pacific, but they aren't a studio anymore.

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  • Muntaqim_313 Muntaqim_313

    What makes Battlefield 3's graphics so sharp:

    1. detailed models and hi-res textures
    2. Bump maps (to mark bumps and dents in final lighting)
    3. Emissive maps (marks the areas on a texture that glow)
    4. Smoothness maps (I don't know about this one)
    5. Reflection maps (simulates a real reflection by just moving an image relative to the camera)
    6. Radiosity lighting technology (advanced technology to render global light)
    7. Specular (maps the highly reflective parts of a texture)
    8. Diffuse maps (disproportionate reflection of light on objects)

    These are the definitions that I know, and they could be wrong. But if you only look at the textures and models with no filers and maps, the graphics look about the same as Battlefield 2.

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  • Muntaqim_313 Muntaqim_313

    DICE's next Battlefield title is going to be a cops and robbers scenario called Battlefield Hardline. But I think it is going to be a while before they recover and gain the trust of gamers again.

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