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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ DLC Hits PS3 Today

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If you’re a Battlefield Premium subscriber, that is.

Battlefield 3′s Post-DLC Support Depends on Fans


DICE will follow the fans.

Battlefield 3 DLC ‘Armored Kill’ Dated for September

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More vehicles are on their way.

DICE “Afraid Of All The Things That Can Come” From BF3 Mods



Battlefield 4 Won’t Be Set In The Past


So don’t expect Battlefied: Zombies, OK?

Fans Recreate GTA V Trailer in Battlefield 3


Cool. But why?

EA: BF3 Premium “Largely Off-sets” Poor SWTOR Performance


How convenient!

EA Reveals Battlefield 3 Aftermath Expansion Details


On the official Battlefield website, Electronic Arts unveiled the details for the upcoming Aftermath expansion pack. Aftermath is a strictly-multiplayer…

PSA: Battlefield 3, Battlelog and Origin Will Be Down Tonight

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Make alternate arrangements.

Battlefield 4 Beta: Fall 2013; Not Just for Warfighter Buyers


“Pushing hard” for day 1 mod support.

Origin Client Update Coming Soon


It’s like Christmas in July! Except not…at all.

Get Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Receive Battlefield 4 Beta Access

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But you’ll have at least another year of DICE supporting Battlefield 3 in the meantime.

David Goldfarb, Lead Designer for BF3, Quits DICE


It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

EA Confirms Battlefield 4 Beta On Origin Store


And you’re shocked, right?

DICE: FPS Games “Are Now Moving Towards Near Future [Settings]“


Modern era is coming to an end.

Battlefield 3 “Matches” Feature Coming Soon


Competitive match-making?

Battlefield 3 Offers Double XP All Week

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Spend your week playing Battlefield 3.

EA: “Our Premium Service Exceeds What Elite Does”


Premium may be coming to more EA titles.

EA’s E3 2012 Press Conference: What We Thought


Are Crysis 3, SimCity and Dead Space 3 enough to please us?

Battlefield 3 Premium Service Announced Alongside 2-Week PS3 Exclusivity

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In your face, Call of Duty Elite!

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