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Battlefield 4

EA’s Battlefield 4 Spin, Excuses Won’t Help Future Games

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Electronic Arts and its executives are no strangers to damage control when it comes to the launch of Battlefield 4,…

Battlefield 4: Second Assault Next Week, Naval Strike Detailed


Problems persist in Battlefield 4. My personal gripe: being shot while 100% behind cover because of frame rate issues. Still,…

EA’s Hilleman Suggests Battlefield 4 Launch Woes Overblown

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EA’s chief creative officer answers a few questions about how Battlefield 4 launched, and how EA might improve launches in the future.

EA: Titanfall is a ‘Franchise That Will Be Around for a Long, Long Time’

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EA sees Titanfall as a “pillar” franchise, along with Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA Q3 2014 Investor Report: Still Rich, Still Tight-Lipped

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Electronic Arts management avoided any mention of the still-pending investor lawsuits during today’s investor call for the third fiscal quarter…

Titanfall Won’t Have Launch Issues Like Battlefield 4, Says EA


Online game launches went, well, less-than-perfect for EA in 2013. SimCity and Battlefield 4 both saw serious connectivity and stability…

AMD’s Mantle Renderer Now Available for Battlefield 4


Better, faster games on PC. That’s the promise of AMD’s new graphics API and today gamers get to find out…

February Is Now Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month

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It’s been a rough few months for Battlefield 4. Despite crashing and stability issues, that have refused to disappear since…

First Battlefield 4 Patch of 2014 Targets Stability, Jets


It’s 2014 and DICE is getting the new year started with an old Battlefield 4 refrain: “Various fixes for improving…

With Battlefield 4, The Press Grows Restless

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Battlefield 4 has been out for just over two months, but there’s been nary a day of smooth sailing for…

PSA: Delayed Battlefield 4 Double XP Event Starts Tomorrow

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A new message just popped up on the Battlelog ticker, saying the delayed Battlefield 4 Premium December Double XP event…

Battlefield 4 December Double XP Event Delayed By EA, DICE

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If you’ve played Battlefield 4 at all in the last two days, you have probably seen the above message. The…

The Top 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2013


Our friends Phil Hornshaw and Ross Lincoln previously discussed the various major disappointments of the past year in a detailed…

Welcome To The New Age: 2013′s Biggest Disappointments


This piece is a collaboration between Phil Hornshaw and Ross Lincoln. God, 2013, what happened? We started the year with…

Another Lawsuit Tossed Onto EA’s Battlefield 4 Pile

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Maryland law firm Brower Piven is seeking EA shareholders for a third Battlefield 4-related class-action lawsuit this week. This one…

EA Is Being Sued Because Battlefield 4 Is Broken

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against EA by Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, a law firm based in…

4 Ways To Make Gaming Better in 2014 and Beyond


I could talk all day about how 2013 was kinda underwhelming for a year with two console launches, but as…

Game Front Podcast #13: Apathy, Kickstarter, Gaming Doomed?


Despite the usual severe slowing-down of video game news this time of year, this week still gave us lots to…

DICE Pushes Out Delayed Battlefield 4 Update For Xbox One

Battlefield 4 Cover 140x

Remember that delayed Xbox One update for Battlefield 4 we were talking about yesterday? It’s finally here! It’s a FESTIVUS…

Coming Soon: Battlefield 4 “Combined” Xbox One Mega Patch

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The Xbox One is finally getting the Battlefield 4 patch it needs, according to DICE and Battlelog. An update that…

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