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Waiter? There’s PC Footage In My Battlefield 4 Xbox One Ad

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There’s a fly in my soup, too, monsieur.

Buyer Beware: Battlefield 4 Will Not Work on 4GB Xbox 360 S (UPDATE 3)


Update, 10:34 a.m. PDT, Nov. 1: In response to Game Front’s questions about potentially allowing Battlefield 4 to install to…

Call of Duty’s Original Codename: “Medal of Honor Killer”


Seems it succeeded.

Confirmed Xbox One Launch Titles


What you’ll be playing on day one.

Confirmed PlayStation 4 Launch Titles


Here’s what you’ll be playing on day one.

Massive PS4 FAQ Answers All Your Questions


Well, the frequently asked ones, at least.

BF4 Pro Tip: Turn Off Antialiasing Post In-Game

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  The intrepid folks over at HardOCP have been poring over Battlefield 4 since the game launched earlier this week….

China Rising DLC Hits Battlefield 4 Premium on Dec 3rd

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China Rising, the first round of DLC for Battlefield 4, will unlock for BF4 Premium members on December 3rd. The…

Battlefield 4: Dog Tags Locations Guide


Remember the fallen with these shiny collectibles.

Beware of These Battlefield 4 Launch Issues


Battlefield 4 is now live (Game Front’s resident Battlefield expert Devin Connors calls Battlefield 4 one of the defining multiplayer…

Battlefield 4 Review: Multiplayer At Its Finest

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Since we first started riding on the wings of fighter planes in 1942, the Battlefield franchise has been front and…

Battlefield 4 Walkthrough


Covering fire! Let Game Front get your back with the video guide to the singleplayer campaign in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Cheats


All’s fair in war.

Watch For Our Battlefield 4 Review Monday Night, Y’all


The Biggest Game Launch of the Year of the Week is happening on Tuesday when Battlefield 4 begins torturing video…

Trade Current-Gen Consoles for $200 Toward Alienware PC


If there was ever a time to get a new PC, it’s when Battlefield 4 is about to come out…

Dog Sucker Punch: Battlefield 4 Trailer Takes Shot at CoD


One of the highlights of Call of Duty: Ghosts appears to be Riley, a badass canine companion whose idea of…

Battlefield 4 Will Allow Pre-loading One Day Ahead of Launch


There is plenty of crossover between people who read this site and people who play Battlefield games on the PC,…

Post-Beta, DICE Details Battlefield 4 Fixes


Don’t know what you got, ’til it’s goooone. I apologize for hitting you with a Cinderella song this early in…

EA ‘Highly Recommends’ Full 14.4GB Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Install


If you’re planning on shooting it out in Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360, now would be a good time to…

Battlefield 4 Achievements


Check out the Battlefield 4 achievements for an early look at features, challenges, and campaign missions.

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