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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Bug: Silencer Mutes Entire Server


Working as intended.

Game Front Podcast #7 – Horror Games, GTA Sales, Next-Gen Graphics

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Happy Halloween! Time for some talk about our favorite horror games, plus Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and the Xbox One versus Playstation 4.

Waiter? There’s PC Footage In My Battlefield 4 Xbox One Ad

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There’s a fly in my soup, too, monsieur.

Buyer Beware: Battlefield 4 Will Not Work on 4GB Xbox 360 S (UPDATE 3)


Update, 10:34 a.m. PDT, Nov. 1: In response to Game Front’s questions about potentially allowing Battlefield 4 to install to…

Call of Duty’s Original Codename: “Medal of Honor Killer”


Seems it succeeded.

Confirmed Xbox One Launch Titles


What you’ll be playing on day one.

Confirmed PlayStation 4 Launch Titles


Here’s what you’ll be playing on day one.

Massive PS4 FAQ Answers All Your Questions


Well, the frequently asked ones, at least.

BF4 Pro Tip: Turn Off Antialiasing Post In-Game

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  The intrepid folks over at HardOCP have been poring over Battlefield 4 since the game launched earlier this week….

China Rising DLC Hits Battlefield 4 Premium on Dec 3rd

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China Rising, the first round of DLC for Battlefield 4, will unlock for BF4 Premium members on December 3rd. The…

Battlefield 4: Dog Tags Locations Guide


Remember the fallen with these shiny collectibles.

Beware of These Battlefield 4 Launch Issues


Battlefield 4 is now live (Game Front’s resident Battlefield expert Devin Connors calls Battlefield 4 one of the defining multiplayer…

Battlefield 4 Review: Multiplayer At Its Finest

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Since we first started riding on the wings of fighter planes in 1942, the Battlefield franchise has been front and…

Battlefield 4 Walkthrough


Covering fire! Let Game Front get your back with the video guide to the singleplayer campaign in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Cheats


All’s fair in war.

Watch For Our Battlefield 4 Review Monday Night, Y’all


The Biggest Game Launch of the Year of the Week is happening on Tuesday when Battlefield 4 begins torturing video…

Trade Current-Gen Consoles for $200 Toward Alienware PC


If there was ever a time to get a new PC, it’s when Battlefield 4 is about to come out…

Dog Sucker Punch: Battlefield 4 Trailer Takes Shot at CoD


One of the highlights of Call of Duty: Ghosts appears to be Riley, a badass canine companion whose idea of…

Battlefield 4 Will Allow Pre-loading One Day Ahead of Launch


There is plenty of crossover between people who read this site and people who play Battlefield games on the PC,…

Post-Beta, DICE Details Battlefield 4 Fixes


Don’t know what you got, ’til it’s goooone. I apologize for hitting you with a Cinderella song this early in…

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