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Bad Company 2 brings the award-winning Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of PC gaming with best-in-class vehicular combat and unexpected "Battlefield moments". New vehicles like the ATV and a transport helicopter allow for all-new multiplayer tactics on the Battlefield, and with the Frostbite Destruction 2.0 system, you can take down entire buildings and create your own fire points by blasting holes through cover.

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Catch @OoLaLa87 on some PTFO Monday with Rush and then some War Pigeons (her favorite mode) later.

9hours ago

Finally got your dream PC? Time for some #Battlefield 1 action, on sale at @OriginInsider for up to 50% off:…

11hours ago

The Women’s Battalion of Death is represented by the Russian Scout class. Details at EA Play, more info:…

12hours ago

Prise de Tahure is back on the #Battlefield 1 CTE for testing on Rush. Let us know your thoughts, details here:…

15hours ago

Summer of Battlefield continues with In the Name of the Tsar at EA Play on June 10.

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Want to know what upcoming DLC and updates will be arriving in #Battlefield 1? Keep this link handy:…

May 21 2017

Did you miss out on @DazsBF's stream yesterday? Don't worry, you can catch him in action again right now.

May 21 2017

Learn about what makes #Battlefield gameplay unique (four letters = PTFO). Find all your Boot Camp videos here:…

May 21 2017

We dropped a new Battlepack Revision last week and it has got some stellar Vehicle Skins for you to unlock.

May 21 2017

RT @Supremex11: Watch my latest #Battlefield1 cinematic! Hope you like it!

May 20 2017

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  • stalkerforever stalkerforever

    Where can I learn to mod this game?

    • Anthony817 Anthony817

      If you want to learn the mods go to Venice Unleashed forums. Somebody is working on trying to make a WW2 mod using the assets from Operation Aurora. So many assets that were in the game Battlefield 1942 were at least ported to PC in some way, so at least there is a lot less work to do to get everything else ported over from the 360 game.

      It is still in development and it might be a very long time before we can all play it, but there is some good placeholder content he can use from the Vietnam Expansion.

  • Loner99 Loner99
  • LilJoe7k4 LilJoe7k4

    I'm not sure if anyone will see this, but if you're interested in BFBC2 mods, you should follow the good work folks in this thread have been doing:! Their work is both promising and highly impressive!

  • The_One_Hero The_One_Hero

    Great game, too bad it didn't allow players to mod it.

    5 +
  • ChadaFACE ChadaFACE

    sometimes this game just turns into BATTLEFIELD BAD CONNECTION 2
    usually when i cant login :\

    3 +
  • ACE1918 ACE1918

    Hey guys, thought I should let fellow Battlefield fans know:

    I have created a petition to EA to make Battlefield 1942 either free to play or able to be bought via digital download.

    Sign here if you are up for helping:

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  • DukeOfJudea DukeOfJudea

    i am giving exlousive specact (bf3) for who give me a 599 battlefunds
    send me P.M if you want

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  • WukaWuka3000 WukaWuka3000

    cant find the barrett with acog on sp

    2 +
    • CnC_Fin CnC_Fin

      I found it from the mission "No one gets left behind"
      After you've taken care of all the enemies that are attacking you and Sweetwater, move forward along the road. You should soon encounter a house, there's a guy with M95 with ACOG scope, he's trying to shoot you, but once you kill him, take the M95.

      3 +

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