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Nintendo Live Streaming Five Upcoming Games Today


Starting at 1 pm. EDT, Nintendo Treehouse will be live streaming eight hours of gameplay from their upcoming games. The…

Bayonetta 2 Dev Update (VID)


It’s still a Wii U exclusive.

Bayonetta Creator, Kotaku Scuffle Over PC Gaming Comments

bayonetta thumb

Some things are important, but there’s not really a controversy about a dev not carrying about PC gaming.

Wii U Details: Models, Pricing, Launch Date, Titles


Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive. No, seriously.

James vs. Games Ep 2: James Vs. Bayonetta


Humiliations galore. Or are there?

Bayonetta Video Walkthrough


Fly Mitch to the moon, and let him play among the stars…

RUMOR: Bayonetta 2 Killed

Bayo_bust_up copythumb

Que the ‘Da DA DAAAAA’ music.

There’s a Rumor About Bayonetta 2, But Then It Gets Shot Down


So, yeah, we’re being spared Bayonetta 2, at least for now.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Biggest Letdowns

disappointed cat

Take a peek inside for our list of the games that made us sad face the most.

Bayonetta Launch Trailer

Check out nearly two minutes of footage in this trailer supporting the launch of Bayonetta, SEGA’s stylish, cinematic action game…

Bayonetta at a Glance