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Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's classic science fiction first person shooter, Half-Life. Powered by Source Engine, You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility. Expect detailed environments to explore, a huge cast of characters and experimental weaponry. All-new music, voice acting, choreography and added dialogue give way to a more expansive and immersive experience than ever before.

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Sample GG-3883 "This is the purest sample we've seen yet!"

Feb 15 2018

RT @LambdaGen: They're waiting for you Gordon, in the Brick Chamberrrr... Check out this incredibly detailed Lego diorama of the i…

Feb 13 2018

Need a HL2 fix? Check out RTSL's latest challenge!

Feb 11 2018


Feb 8 2018

RT @joewintergreen: Big fan of the unappreciated genius that is the Chef Vortigaunt in Half-Life 2

Feb 5 2018

RT @halfsamuel: @BlackMesaDevs @ValveTime @ValveNewsNetwor If you go down to the test chamber today... #sfm #valve

Feb 4 2018


Feb 4 2018

Geomodeling from initial Xen Expedition

Jan 31 2018

RT @RealGhostOfGame: So I just “finished” Black Mesa. It’s honestly ranking as one of my favorite games. Now just #TheWaitTillXen Thank you @BlackMesaDevs !

Jan 25 2018

Attention modders, check out RSTL's new competition, the Black Mesa Cup! Three challenges, prizes, and a whole lot…

Jan 24 2018

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  • farizpro1 farizpro1

    I saw corporal shepard while on lambda core!

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  • LOZ_98 LOZ_98

    I enjoy your game and I can't wait for summer update to visit Zen, And hopefully more additions to bring life to Multiplayer because at this point people prefer to play the original Multiplayer rather than this, Maybe you should offer something new and unique like a Co-op campaign or something.

  • PurpleGaga27 PurpleGaga27


    When I compare this game to Renegade-X, Starcraft Mass Recall and the upcoming Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth, they have more quality advantages over this one overall and even those are free to play and download. I am not paying a single cent for this indie game even when Xen is released despite under the Source Engine 2013 and limited multiplayer. Probably by then when this game is finished the graphics will be outdated compared to the more developed Unreal Engine 3 and 4 games, free or not.

    I am already utterly disappointed with the developers using Valve's permission to sell the remake even when it's not worth anything at all.

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    • EtherBot EtherBot

      Comparing FPS to RTS is nonsense but I kinda gleaned a different meaning of "as a remake i don't see the point because by the time its done it'll still look dated" which is totally fair.

    • pill_dickle pill_dickle

      then dont get it. If you dont like fps dont get this.

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    • cyborgcraft3241 cyborgcraft3241

      Um. Excuse me, but it seems more like FPSs aren't your cup of tea than the game being low quality as all the games you compared this to are RTS not FPSs. It is more proper to compare this to games like DOOM and COD. Also, graphics aren't everything. Who gives a **** whether a game is made in Source, Unreal, Unity, or any other engine (unless it is some crap engine made by 3 russians in a basement)

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    • Invader4000 Invader4000

      Hahaha. He compared RTS games to a shooter game. Lol GTFO.

      15 +
  • Adam-Bomb Adam-Bomb

    A lot of questions here. Here is a post answering a lot of them.

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  • madeOfClay madeOfClay

    What is the difference between this mod and the one on Steam?
    Why should I spend 19.99$?
    Are both the same?

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    • Secret_Coming Secret_Coming

      this mod is now officially dead.

      The steam version will include mutiplayer, lastest updates and xen.

      I personally fell like this is a game, because of all the original content the devs made to it.

      If some modder that made his mod free come and say "**** you, they reused assets!" Also remember that The Stanley Parable ALSO used some assets, but still is a game and an awesome one. Why all this rage? Honestly they have spent 8 years on this and I wouldn't mind paying 20$ since this is a great title and almost everyone on the america is full of money.

      (The rest of the comment wasn't for you, but mostly to the people who say this sucks, sorry any disturbance).

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      • #7Guest Guest

        The mods not dead, they already said they are going to port over fixes and other things from the steam release to the mod when they get the time to.

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      • cyborgcraft3241 cyborgcraft3241

        No. They are not planning to release any bug fixes of continue to support it as stated on their Steam FAQ
        "Will the mod be updated with Xen and other features when it’s finished?
        Unfortunately it is impossible to backport our new features to the mod engine. With the retail version we have access to parts of the engine we could not touch in the mod version."

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