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Blacklight Retribution

Confirmed PlayStation 4 Launch Titles


Here’s what you’ll be playing on day one.

6 Great Free-to-Play FPS Games For The Discerning Player


The free-to-play FPS genre is exploding in size. Thankfully, we’ve got the details on all the really great titles.

Blacklight: Retribution Changes Gun Handling, Stats System


I just have to know how many shots I miss.

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

Games from 2012 You Probably Didn’t Play, but Probably Should!


Check out some of the year’s dark horses

Steam Gets Free-to-Play Blacklight: Retribution, Plus Half-Off Sale

blacklight thumb

Play for free, yaaaay.

Why Free-to-Play Games Could Change this Industry for the Better


Waiting for the day that freemium games ‘ascend.’

You’ll Want a Hardsuit in Blacklight: Retribution (TRAILER)

blacklight retribution hardsuit

It’s what you use to f–k everyone up.

Blacklight Retribution’s Closed Beta is Rearing Up (TRAILER)

blacklight 1

It looks pretty cool.

Surprise Flamethrower! Blacklight Retribution Dev Diary Shows You How



PAX 2011: Blacklight Retribution Screen Shots

blacklight 1

Blacklight Retribution has some stunning graphics.

Learn “How to Cook a Mech” in this Blacklight Retribution Trailer


Coming Spring 2012 to The Food Network.

Sign Up For Free-to-Play Shooter Blacklight Retribution’s Beta, Trailer Says

blacklight thumb

You may need to beg to get in.

Blacklight Retribution Shows Off its DirectX 11 (Video)


AAA graphics + free-to-play = geekgasm.