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Blood 2: The Chosen

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Take control of any one of "The Chosen" -- four extraordinary characters who inhabit a dark near-future world reminiscent of Blade Runner and The Crow. Become Caleb, the vicious protagonist from the original Blood, his cold-blooded love Ophelia, the ruthless Ishmael, or the unrelenting warrior Gabriela. Blood 2’s weapons let you kill and be killed in more ways than any other 3D action game. Burn, electrocute, shoot, stab, voodoo, blow up, slowly dismember, or flay the skin from your opposition, and expect the same treatment right back!

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  • QuirinInga QuirinInga

    Did you know you could play Blood 2 The Chosen at 21:9?!
    Check the video to see for yourself

  • An_Unknown_Player An_Unknown_Player

    R.I.P Blood series, you will be missed T_T .

    3 +
  • feillyne feillyne Staff Subscriber

    Rekrul posted this problem:
    maybe you could help him or at least give him a hint.

  • VGames VGames

    Does anybody know how to compile the source code to work with the nightmare level addon? I know how to compile it for Blood 2 but I can't get my changes to work with The Nightmare Levels. When I use them I can only play Blood 2 the chosen even if I have the nightmare levels checked on the launch menu.

    2 +
  • Clonest Clonest

    HOW DO YOU GET THE BLOOD 2 DarkAct MOD TO WORK!?!?!?!....I can't figure it out so I can play on a harder difficulty!!

    2 +
    • LikwiD LikwiD

      ...And here I am answering a post more than a year old...

      @ Clonest,

      Blood 2 DarkAct is a little confusing to set up correctly.

      Straight b2 should have a rez order like this in your customs folder.


      Nightmare levels enabled should look like this:


      If you see souldrudges dragging along the floor after shooting them in the leg, chest burster shikari on the 1st train, and a civilian pacing back and fourth in the laundry room, you've loaded it correctly.

      4 +
      • dibdob dibdob

        info will be here for everyone ,even though it's old :)

  • Gambini Gambini

    Worst game made by monolith. Blood 1 was a thousand times better

    -1 +
  • Kyou. Kyou.

    WOW i havnt seen this game IN A LONG LONG time gosh memories

    2 +
  • Isundir Isundir

    I like/d this game dont know why though :)

    3 +