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Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep

After years of experimental testing, a small marine research team have finally discovered something truly amazing within the field of genetic enhancement. After his latest experiments on a great white shark had been a total success, Dr. Doug Martin ordered it be sent with other test subjects to his main research station in the quiet island chain known as Crystal Waters. But to the horror of the entire team the cargo was lost along with its transport ship, the Titan.

In Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep, you take control of a genetically altered super shark. After finally escaping your human captors, you must prey on the inhabitants of Crystal Waters in order to gain strength, grow and finally destroy your tormentors. Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep is played from a third-person perspective, and uses a vast mission structure to advance the player through the game. Although a mission structure is present, the player is not pushed into completing missions one by one. After completing a mission the player is able to take a break from the structure and explore the game world for as long as he or she wishes. While exploring this highly detailed environment, the player can take part in mini-games and sub-plots, which can lead to bonuses and other exiting surprises.

Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep also takes advantage of a multiple character system. As well as playing the game from the shark’s perspective, you can also assume the role of a human. Throughout the game, the shark will encounter various human characters that belong to a strange and mysterious group known only as ‘the cult of the shark.’ These cult members are totally devoted to the great white’s plight and will stop at nothing to help. Cult members will get you food, open new areas for you and even sacrifice themselves to ensure you survive. After swimming up to a cult member, you’ll be able to take control of the cult member and perform specific tasks for the shark, once a task is complete, you can then assume your role as the shark and continue your mission.

With highly detailed game environments, lightening fast gameplay and a state of the art physics system, Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep is a title that will push the action adventure genre to its limits.

Bloody Waters: Terror from the Deep at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Pineapple Interactive
  • Publisher: Unknown/To be Announced/None