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Stuart Black Leaves City Interactive, Goes Solo

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PSA: Inverted Aim Doesn’t Just Hurt You, It Hurts Your Friends, Too

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Freddie Wong: Saying what we’re all thinking, but through film. And what we think is that inverting your aim means you were dropped as a baby

Walkthrough Weekend: Gears of War 3, Dead Island, Resistance 3 and More!


So many games! Join Game Front on a journey through the biggest games of September.

Bodycount Review


If you’re interested in buying this game, you might also like this bridge in Brooklyn we’re trying to sell.

Walkthrough Weekend: Deus Ex, Bodycount, Call of Duty DLC, and more!


Take a walk with Game Front — through the latest and greatest games.

Retro Rewind: TimeSplitters 2


As it turns out, it’s still a hell of a lot of fun. Even if it feels a lot like an embarrassing yearbook photo.

Bodycount’s Launch Trailer is Bullety

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Also explosionish.

Bodycount Cheats


Count on us to show you what you’re missing.

Bodycount Achievements


Count this as your next achievement.

Bodycount Trophies


Put down the calculator, we’ll help you count the bodies.

Bodycount Walkthrough


Get out the abacus, this count is going to be high.

Go “Behind the Bullets” with Bodycount (VIDEO)


It certainly beats being in front of the bullets. Depending on which direction they’re going, anyway.

Freddy Wong Makes a BODYCOUNT Trailer

freddy wong bodycount

No in-game footage was used.

Bodycount Gets New Dev Diary Trailer to Go with Demo

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It explains what you’ll see in the demo and why you should like it.

The Bodycount Demo Is Now Available On Xbox Live



Bodycount Devs Explain Visual Choices in Second Behind-The-Scenes Video

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“Even with a tiny handgun, you really feel like you’re kicking the ass out of the world.” I love these guys.

Bodycount – Hands-On Preview


The makers of Black are back with a new stylized cover-based FPS. Is it shaping up to be a COD killer or should it hide behind some red barrels?

Shotgun Guys Through Walls in Bodycount (TRAILER)

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All the devs talk about making their game in this trailer. The headline was what I took away from that.

Bodycount Q&A Details


Max players in a server, number of levels, release date.

Bodycount E3 Trailer


Check out this very peaceful trailer.

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Bodycount at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: Q2 2011