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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2: Top Gun Side-Quest [Easter Egg]


You can be my wingman anytime. Check out this extensive Top Gun Easter Egg!

Borderlands 2: How to Find The Double Rainbow Easter Egg [Video]


We were able to catch this on camera.

Borderlands 2: Cute Loot Achievement Guide & Chubby Locations


Find this rare monster, and get some nice loot for your troubles.

Borderlands 2: Unlock Moxxi’s Secret Guns & Sugar Daddy for Free [Glitch]


Unlock this expensive achievement (and two unique guns!) at no cost.

Borderlands 2: Give Claptrap a High Five Achievement Guide


Make a new friend in Sanctuary.

Borderlands 2: How to Farm Infinite Eridium [Glitch]


Get rich on this rare mineral.

Borderlands 2: How to Duplicate Weapons & Get Infinite Money [Glitch]


Looking to get rich? Duplicate your weapons and items, then sell as many as you want with this simple glitch.

Borderlands 2: How to Find the Donkey Kong Easter Egg [Video]


Strike a blow for plumbers everywhere.

Borderlands 2: How to Farm Badass Tokens


Think you’re badass? We’ll show you have to gather tokens as proof.

Borderlands 2: Easter Eggs & Pop-Culture References



Borderlands 2 Review: Hell. Yes.

borderlands 2 2 thumb

It’s leaner, bigger, and funnier than the original. It’s also simultaneously dumber AND smarter.

Borderlands 2: Well That Was Easy Side-quest Guide


It really is.

Borderlands 2: How to Unlock Golden Keys & Veteran Skins


Get your bonus rewards for Borderlands 2 here.

Players Claiming Some Retailers Over-Sold Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 2 thumb

Some people are getting their orders canceled, it seems.

Use This Steam Fix to Get Your Borderlands 2 Premiere Club Content

borderlands 2 4 thumb

Hopefully this gets you what you’ve already paid for.

Borderlands 2: Where to Find the Minecraft Easter Egg


Don’t fear the Creeper.

Borderlands 2 Review Roundup: People Like It

borderlands 2 thumb

People like it. Didn’t see that coming.

Borderlands 2: So Much Blood Achievement Guide [Video]


So much blood, so little time.

Borderlands 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Side-quest [Easter Egg]


Tonight we dine on turtle soup!

Borderlands 2: Best Claptrap Quotes Mashup [Video]


Feast your ears on some of Claptrap’s new and improved quotes.

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