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Borderlands Patch 1.41 Released


The latest Borderlands patch is live, and we’ve got all the details, and the fast, easy download.

The Lowdown on the Borderlands Level Cap Increase


What exactly does this update do? When do we get it? One of those questions is answered inside.

People Who Own Borderlands on Steam Already Have a Duke Nukem Forever First Access Key


Happy birthday, Borderlands Steam owners!

Gearbox Wants PC Games to Play Nice With Each Other


Steve Gibson of Gearbox says that many digital distribution platforms cause the PC gaming market to be fragmented. Is that really true?

Buy Borderlands GOTY, Get Duke Nukem Forever Demo


And now you have no excuse for not picking this up if you don’t already have it.

Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC Trailer


Not sure what’s up with the new Borderlands DLC? Find out what’s up inside.

Borderlands Goes Platinum Hits and Greatest Hits


At the same time. Oh what a day for the claptrap.

Gearbox Details Next Borderland DLC


A few more details are now available for the upcoming fourth DLC pack for Borderlands, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.

Gearbox to Reveal ‘Surprises’ at PAX Prime


Gearbox is teasing, “juicy exclusives, surprising disclosures, unbelievable scoops and behind the scenes access,” at their PAX panel this year. Is it Duke Nukem Forever, or something brand new?

Gearbox Rumored to Have Picked Up Duke Nukem Forever


Rumor has it that Borderlands developer Gearbox has picked up development of the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever, meaning that it may finally see the light of day.

New Borderlands DLC is Now Official


Gearbox has officially confirmed what we already knew: There’s more Borderlands DLC coming, and it features Ninja Assassin Claptraps.

New Borderlands DLC Details Found in Patch Files


A Borderlands forum user has uncovered a few details of an upcoming fourth DLC pack for Gearbox’s co-op shooter.

Borderlands Worldwide Update v1.31 Patch Download


The latest update for Borderlands is now available. This update includes Steam Achievement support and Logitech LCD screen gameboard and…

Borderlands, Crysis, and More on Steam's Perils of Summer Sale Today

As you’re no doubt aware, Steam has some high-powered sales going right now. They’re calling it the “Perils of Summer”…

Gearbox Trademarks 'Z-Day' – New Zombie Game in the Works?

Speculating on new games from vague information is always tricky. Of course, in the instant information age, it’s also something…

Gaming Today Q&A: Matthew Armstrong, Director of Borderlands

One of the hottest games of the fall was the shooter / RPG title from Gearbox, Borderlands. Recently, we were…

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