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The Witness: Jonathan Blow Once Again Betting the Farm


Jonathan Blow appears to be living within his own Braid-like time warp. The indie developer, who famously spent every penny…

Can Indie Devs Self-Publish on Xbox One? Maybe Not


For complete Xbox One coverage yesterday: Check out our full reveal, and stay tuned to for full coverage and analysis. Information…

Listen to Game Front’s Ultimate Game Music Playlist on Spotify

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We made some playlists we think you might enjoy. Check ‘em out and add your own favorite tracks.

Braid Creator Jonathan Blow Tears Down Popular Games, Calls Them Infantile


Braid creator Jonathan Blow says popular games are infantile.

IGF 2013 Finalists Will Get Steam Distribution


It’s huge news to indie developers and gamers alike.

Humble Bundle V Adds Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, Braid

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This is a fine collection of indie games.

5 Crazy Difficult and Intricate Video Game Puzzles

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In honor of Fez and its tougher puzzles, we’ve run down five of gaming’s worst brain-benders.

Are We Too Generous to Indie Games?


Not all indie games are great, after all.

Why Video Games Don’t Need a Savior


How The Atlantic’s recent profile of game designer Jonathan Blow got everything wrong.

Indie Game: The Movie — Review


Watch this movie.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 Purchasers Now Also Get Humble Indie Bundle 2

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You should probably give them more money. They deserve it.

Another Incentive To Buy The Humble Indie Bundle

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It’s like Charitably donating to yourself!

Humble Indie Bundle 2 Rakes in Over $500,000 on Day 1


It’s a big success again. Is anyone surprised?

Humble Indie Bundle 2 Now Available


The second Humble Indie Bundle is now live, and it’s still awesome.

Five Obscure Games Extremetech Says You Must Play

Extreme has a list of five under-the-radar games that are well worth playing. these games are for Indie developers who…

Braid at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Xbox 360
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Jonathan Blow
  • Publisher: Microsoft Games