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Walkthrough Weekend: Annihilation DLC, Uncharted 3 Beta, and More!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Declare Independence from dying.

Amazon Offering Deals on PC Brink, Witcher 2

witcher 2 thumb

Hooray for cheap(er) games.

Walkthrough Weekend: Hunted, D&D: Daggerdale, LA Noire, and More!


School’s out for summer!

Brink Stats Site Goes Live Tomorrow, Free DLC Detailed

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Finally, you’ll know how many people you kill — and how many kill you.

Walkthrough Weekend: Witcher 2, LA Noire, and More!


Make the most of a Memorial Day weekend with the help of walkthroughs and cheats!

Brink Patch Supposedly Fixes PC Lag

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The PC version of Brink continues to be the best.

Walkthrough Weekend: LA Noire, Witcher 2, and More!


Crack the cases and defeat the demon’s this weekend, with our help.

Aaron Staton is Unimpressed with Video Games (PIC)


Mad Men’s (and now L.A. Noire’s) Aaron Staton reviews blockbuster titles in this GameFront original. He’s not impressed.

Download Config Tools to Adjust Brink’s PC Version (FILE)

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Alter everything about Brink to make it control exactly they way you want.

Walkthrough Weekend: Brink, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and More!


This weekend is going to need a medic when you all get done with it.

Splash Damage Knocks Brink Matches From 16 Players Down to Just Eight

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They’re hoping four-on-four games will help fix the lag issues, and they’re offering the game’s first DLC package for free in June.

Aftershock: Why Brink is a Failure (and Why I’m Starting to Like It Anyway)

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My high hopes and expectations for Brink have been destroyed — but for some reason, I keep playing it.

Splash Damage: ‘Investigating’ Brink’s Lag Issues

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They’re working on it, they swear.

Win an AOC Aire Black LED Monitor!


Drop a comment and win yourself a shiny new 23″ monitor.

Brink Review


Splash Damage’s new shooter takes you to the Ark. Will you enjoy the journey?

Brink Launch Trailer is Live


Tomorrow’s big launch is today’s big trailer. Watch and download it right here.

Brink Cheats


Master the art of Brinksmanship.

Brink Trophies


Shiny Brink Things.

Brink Game Guide


Don’t stink at Brink.

Brink Parkour Video


Watch comparative footage of real-life parkour vs. Brink’s SMART movement system.

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