Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

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The AI has been drastically improved, and the player's team will adapt to whether or not they are seen by whispering. The AI also makes mistakes such as tripping, and helps each other when these mistakes are made. The enemy AI has also been improved allowing the Germans to counter your actions. The game is built on the Unreal Engine 3 and the Windows version can take advantage of the features in DirectX 10 which allows for an enhanced graphical experience for more realistic gameplay.

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  • #0Guest Guest

    An actual mod?? are you able to operate more than two squads?

  • Milsimer Milsimer

    Hell's Highway has nothing good but graphics. Just another proof that show us how PC gaming industry is going to shiit.

    P.S. Real Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood + Rendrock's Warzone mod.

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  • dave_5430 dave_5430

    Are there any mods to not make this game as much of a piece of **** as it is? The other games are so much better, atmospherically and aesthetic wise. The gameplay and story themselves are broken and poor at best in comparison to the first 2, and it makes me sad.

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  • c0kemusheen c0kemusheen

    The stupid British General Montgomery came up with the Market Garden plan himself. History blames the idiotic British because it WAS THEIR FAULT. Look at how the Germans BEAT their *** in Arnhem.

    The British are terrible fighters, the statistics prove it. Far lower K/D ratio than American soldiers and Marines..

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    • JohnDanaé JohnDanaé

      don't forget omaha beach and the other beacheswhere the americans,did there assault was good defended but where the Rosbifs where there was no heavy defences, and the ardennes, ;)

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  • GyozaRamen GyozaRamen

    Is there anyway to mod the game's weapon damage? The M1 Garand is rather weak cause it takes two shots to kill a german and the Colt 45 is also pretty weak

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  • onikenshin onikenshin

    If you listen to the ending when their are driving through that town, they tell you we lost not won...

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  • play1111666 play1111666

    love this game

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  • aidas2 aidas2

    The first ingame trailer it had was so good, reminded of the real BIa series, but no, they just had to **** it all up sideways just to fit console 10 year olds -_-. Good job, keep it up, can't wait to see how they destroy the game in the next release, if it will even be...

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  • Res1 Res1

    suprisingly i havent had a single but whatsoever and i freaking love this game. i dont see why anyone would hate a great game like this. i think both this and the call of duty games are the best war games of all.

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