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Bus Simulator 2008

Bus Simulator 2008 combines driving and business simulation in a fun and unique way, testing the player’s bus driving capabilities, as well as commercial expertise to run a bus company.

The game takes place in the fictional metropolis of Megacity. 18 different routes need to be mastered during 34 missions. To be a successful bus driver, keep to the timetable and transport as many passengers as possible, avoiding reckless driving and lateness to maintain an impeccable reputation in the neighbourhood. There are 8 different bus models to choose from with more available to download online.

If the timetable is adhered to and enough tickets sold, the necessary cash flow to run the bus company is accumulated. Once in charge of the bus company the player can rent or buy larger buses but must take steps to maintain the vehicles. There is also the option to invest in advertising campaigns and special offers to attract more customers. Other business elements such as renting advertising spaces on the buses can be a useful way to generate extra cash flow.


• Huge and well detailed city model with traffic and pedestrians.
• Different view modes including overhead and cockpit (driver).
• Different weather conditions and times of day.
• Online score tables.
• Easy to use interface.

Bus Simulator 2008 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Ice Bytes
  • Publisher: Avanquest Software