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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead – Feed the Beast Achievement Guide


Sacrifice zombies to evil for a sweet secret weapon reward.

Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead – How to Build the Plane [Guide]


Escape Alcatraz and earn a difficult achievement / trophy with these item locations.

Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead – Johnny Cash Secret Song Easter Egg


New DLC. New secret song.

Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC Cheats


Break out of the slammer with a few hints from Game Front.

Black Ops 2: Die Rise – High Maintenance Achievement Guide


Learn how to complete this complicated easter egg in Die Rise.

Black Ops 2: Die Rise – How to Build the Sliquifier Wonder Weapon


Sliquify the zombie hordes with this wonder weapon.

Black Ops 2: Die Rise – Facing the Dragon Achievement Guide


Do you dare face the dragon?

Black Ops 2: Die Rise – How to Turn On Power in Round 1


Turn on the lights with our quick Die Rise video guide.

Black Ops 2: Die Rise – Secret Song Easter Egg


The Teddy Bears return for a Revolution.

Black Ops 2: Revolution Achievements


Become your own best friend, go mad with power, and get a case of severe vertigo with the Revolution DLC for Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2: Revolution Cheats


The revolution will not be televised. It will be CODcasted.

Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Guide: Easter Eggs & Strategies


Learn how to survive against the endless zombie horde.

Black Ops 2 Tranzit Guide: Easter Eggs & Strategies


Ride the bus to victory.

Black Ops 2: Glitches & Exploits


Fair-players be warned.

Black Ops 2: Nuketown – How to Play Retro Games [Easter Egg]


Enjoy some Atari love in this cool Easter Egg.

Black Ops 2: Multiplayer – How to Lower Lag & Improve Hit Detection


Don’t lose your kills to lag — join better matches with this quick tip.

Black Ops 2: Tranzit – How to Find the Secret Galvaknuckles [Video]


Momma said knock you out.

Black Ops 2: Zombies – Dance on My Grave Achievement Guide


Collect your corpse for this easy undead achievement.

Black Ops 2: How to Pack-A-Punch in Tranzit [Video]


Send zombies reeling with this secret, and powerful, weapon upgrade.

Black Ops 2: Tranzit – Tower of Babble Achievement Guide


Don’t deny the voices in your head.

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