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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Massive PS4 FAQ Answers All Your Questions


Well, the frequently asked ones, at least.

COD Ghosts: Native 1080p on PS4, Scaled 1080p on Xbox One


Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will handle Call of Duty: Ghosts a bit differently….

Call of Duty: Aliens? (UPDATE: Trailer added!)


UPDATE: Added the just-released official trailer. Treyarch’s claim to Call of Duty fame was the addition of Zombies in CoD:…

Call of Duty: Ghosts Minimum PC System Specs Confirmed


Talk about hard drive hogs. Earlier this month, Nvidia posted the minimum PC system specs for Call of Duty: Ghosts….

Former EA CEO Riccitiello: $60 Price Point Is “A Giant Eff You”


He’s learned some lessons this year and would like to share them with you.

Dog Sucker Punch: Battlefield 4 Trailer Takes Shot at CoD


One of the highlights of Call of Duty: Ghosts appears to be Riley, a badass canine companion whose idea of…

Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets Dedicated Servers & Minimum PC Specs

COD_Ghosts_Good_Boy 140x

The latest in the COD franchise will have dedicated servers on all platforms.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Order Bonuses: The Complete List


We’re a little over a month from the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and if you’re planning on picking…

Instant Trailer Review — Call of Duty: Ghosts


The Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts The Makers: Publisher Activision, developer Infinity Ward The Release Date: November 5, 2013 The…

CoD: Ghosts Pre-Order Map “Free Fall” Gets A Video

cod ghosts thumb

When I was at E3 earlier this year I saw a number of impressive reveals for upcoming games, but one…

Xbox One Launch Lineup Boasts 23 Games


Microsoft has an impressive line-up of first- and third-party titles for its Xbox One launch.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Have Higher Resolution Textures on PC


PC gaming master race.

CoD: Ghosts to Include Female Combatants, but Reality Did It First

cod ghosts thumb

Apparently there’s also a technological glass ceiling.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Preview: Familiarity, Perfected

COD_Ghosts_Good_Boy 140x

Familiarity, be it in small or large doses, is something most of us crave in our day-to-day lives. But what…

CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer Info: New Modes, Perks & Killstreaks


Big changes are coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ multiplayer mode. We’ve broken down the relevant information for you below….

Watch Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Here


Stay tuned!

Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-orders Well Behind Black Ops 2′s


In today’s conference call with investors, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg noted that pre-orders for Call of Duty: Ghosts are…

Call of Duty: Ghosts is Linear, Has No Branching Missions


If Infinity Ward made Black Ops 2, Karma would always die.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Dev Interview with Mitch & James (E3 2013)


For more E3 news, previews and commentary bookmark Game Front’s official E3 hub. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Game…

Call of Duty: Ghosts Story Details Revealed — It’s Set in 2023


Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place a decade from now.

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