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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Activision Being Sued Over Delta Force Trademark

Deltaforce copythumb

It’s war, war I tells ya!

Modern Warfare 3 Content Pack 2: New Maps, Game Mode: Face Off (VID)


Condrey says: “Call of Duty has the best community anywhere in the industry.” Uhm… okay.

DOTA 2 Already Being Played More Than Skyrim


And it’s still in beta!

Activision Says MW3 Sales Not Down, ‘Just Different’


And maybe they’re right!

Modern Warfare 3 Gets a New Mode in Next DLC Pack

modern warfare 3 content collection 2 thumb

Kill people face-to-face, kind of.

PSA: MW3 Collection One Finally Available On PC


Shoot shoot bang bang explosions!

A Quick Look At Activision Blizzard’s Q1 Report: They’re Rich, Beeitch


They really are.

First Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection Bound for PC in May

mw3 3 thum

The wait for a small portion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′s DLC on PC is finally coming to an end.

X-Play’s Adam Sessler Leaves G4; Departure Rumored to Be “Not Amicable”


Will continue singing at weddings.

Modern Warfare 3 Free Steam Weekend; Pre-Load Now


Still on discount on Impulse.

Black Ops 2 to Have Near-Future Setting?


Deliver death from above with the Prototype Quadrotor with machine gun.

Researchers: Video Games Blameless for Norwegian Mass Murders


Correlation is not causation.

PSA: Win Ultimate Gamer Packs In Break’s Get Your Edge Contest

gaming packthumb

Details inside!

Huge PC Downloads Sale on Impulse


Take advantage of it while you still can.

Analyst: Lower Call of Duty Sales Due to Casual Gamers, Used Games


I’m sure that’s the reason.

Call of Duty Pro xJawz Attempts to Dance on Reality TV (VIDEO)

xjawz dances thumb

Watch a gamer try to dance — it’s fun.

Robert Bowling Bashed Activision’s Subscription Model in February


He did this one month before resigning.

Why New Consoles Are Good For PC Gamers


An optimistic take on the future of gaming hardware.

Robert Bowling Leaving Infinity Ward (UPDATED)


The long-time CoD front man is leaving the company.

Watch The Trailer For The Latest COD Elite Drop: Black Box Map Pack


It stars Rob Riggle.

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