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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gets New Multiplayer Modes This Weekend

mw3 3 thum

We don’t know what they’ll be just yet, though.

The 5 Greatest Gaming Moments Of All Time


5 moments that shook the world… or maybe just made us laugh.

PSA: New Modern Warfare 3 Update Addresses Lag, Other Things


So you know they’re looking out for you.

Modern Warfare 3 Garners $1 Billion in 16 Days, Which is Faster Than Avatar

modern warfare 3 thumb

Dammit, I forgot to buy Activision stock again.

GameFront 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards


Vote for your favorite games, and you could win any game you want!

Peter Moore: “I Don’t Think There’s Any Doubt” Battlefield 3 Stole Share from Modern Warfare 3


Uh, I think there is doubt.

5 Gaming Cliches We Never Want to See Again in 2012


This Just In: from the Department of Sensible Futility.

Modern Warfare 3 – Config File Tweaks


Adjust your graphical settings with extreme precision by altering these MW3 files.

Modern Warfare 3 – The Vet and the N00b Trash Talk Trailer With Jonah Hill

the noob

This is actually really funny

More People Are Playing Skyrim Than Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live

skyrim nord thumb

Big whoop.

Three Pretty Attractive Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kills


I do love knife kills.

Modern Warfare 3 Glitch Removes Recoil From Any Gun (VIDEO)

mw3 3 thum

Cheaters never win. That said, here’s an easy way to cheat.

Watch The Call of Duty ELITE – “Play Together Better” Trailer


Welcome to the advertising for Call of Duty: Elite, where Activision makes an impassioned and weirdly emotional plea for you…

Guy Hopes to “Dethrone” Call of Duty With a Browser-Based FPS


Hilarious, I know.

ATTN Activision And Infinity Ward: MW3 Might Have Been Hacked


If true, it’s an extremely cool hack, but still…

Activision Overinflated Some Modern Warfare 3 Numbers


Oh boy did they.

Activision: Call of Duty: Elite Gets 1 Million Premium Sign-Ups in 6 Days

elite theater thumb

Apparently, people are perfectly willing to pay for the service, much to the chagrin of all the naysayers.

One of the Luckier Modern Warfare 3 Throwing Knife Kills You’ll See


It’s pretty lucky.

Infinity Ward Bans a Buttload of Douchey Modern Warfare 3 Cheaters


1600, to be precise.

Gamers Spent 40% More Time Playing MW3 on Launch Day than They Did BF3 on Its Launch, and More Comparative Data


Courtesy of Raptr.

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