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Call of Duty®: World at War completely changes the rules of engagement by redefining WWII gaming and thrusting players into the final tension-filled, unforgiving battles against a new ferocious enemy in the most dangerous and suspenseful action ever seen in WWII.

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RT @InfinityWard: Speed slaying starts now! Cranked is now LIVE in the #InfiniteWarfare Featured Playlist!

Mar 24 2017

Your next Prestige awaits. Double XP Weekend has officially kicked off in #MWRemastered, now through Monday at 10 A…

Mar 24 2017

RT @InfinityWard: Cranked comes to the Infinite Warfare Featured Playlist this Friday! Slay with speed or die trying. Chain kills to…

Mar 23 2017

You'll need the proper gear to take on the trippy nightmare of Rave in the Redwoods, now at the Call of Duty Store:…

Mar 23 2017

Complete every Operation Shamrock and Awe challenge to get the exclusive "Folium" and "Prism" weapon camos during…

Mar 23 2017

Thank you for your amazing creativity and incredible contributions to the Call of Duty community, @MagicSista24!

Mar 22 2017

RT @ATVIAssist: Thousands voted and the results are in. Check out the winner and runners-up in our Ambassador Calling Card Contest!

Mar 21 2017

Rumor has it that a Leprechaun is hiding with his pot of gold somewhere in Daybreak. Reply with a pic if you've found them. #MarchRemastered

Mar 21 2017

Creek. Chinatown. Killhouse. Broadcast. Four unforgettable, fully-remastered maps return in the #MWRemastered Vari…

Mar 21 2017

Prove your Blood Anvil command. Upgrade your loadout by earning all-new rewards via #InfiniteWarfare's Blood Anvil…

Mar 20 2017

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  • dimaz29 dimaz29

    thats good

    2 +
  • whatcorey whatcorey

    frontlines 1.2 mod does not work

  • #6Guest Guest

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  • λpone λpone

    Is there a way to fix the thirdperson in this game?

    My bullets don't do damage

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  • Kandara Kandara

    I Love Viktor Reznov!

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  • doom44 doom44

    The last good CoD game. :(

    21 +
  • ShogunAssassin50 ShogunAssassin50

    i am amazed they are still updating and putting add ons for this game. and not making fun of COD fans...but i wonder why COD still has soo many fans that think its the greatest yet BF3 is really....just going to put COD where COD put MOH before the latest one came out. lets face it, COD is still a game from the early 2000's. its never going to get an upgrade like Battlefield. hell...BFBC2 did that already even though ppl didnt even notice (it was probably because ppl thought it was just a comedy game like the first BC game was)

    3 +
  • R0THjr R0THjr

    what r the best zombie mods plz im new and i NEED 2 know thanx

    -2 +
    • Sikanto Sikanto

      THANK JEZUZ SOMEBODY AGREES! BBC2 Has an Updated engine while COD has been runing on a heavily modded quake engine for the last 11 years.Little kids don't know the concept of a real game because oll they play is COD. I know what a game is like for say Counter-Strike that was MOD but became a retail and is still successful to this day. COD like mw2 is failing so hard BF3 wil kill it with a simple tap with its pinky. We need more good games like BBC2 or Counter-Strike not these so called "Realistic Great games" when they can't even use thier own engine!

      -1 +
      • JFreakXD JFreakXD

        i kinda disagree. every game gets boring. DONT GET ME WRONG! i love battlefield. i love COD. but every game gets boring. if you play a game alot, it gets boring. thats normal. no one likes playing the same thing over, and over, forever. even one of my most favorite games, like battlefield, get boring. and it is very insulting saying that hard-core COD fans are nothing more than a bunch of kids that dont know games.

        2 +
    • Izrachy Izrachy

      Zombie Realism. (

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