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Call of Juarez is a First Person Shooter for PC, inspired from the greatest movies of the Western genre. It is the first 'serious' and the most realistic adaptation of the genre. Developed by Techland Studio, the game draws on the major themes of the American Wild West through confrontation between the two principal emblematic characters. While the game focuses on a high level of realism with its incredible graphics, environments and overall look, the gameplay has not been neglected, and players will enjoy a great gaming experience with duels and shoot-outs, wild horseback antics and a great Western atmosphere. The original scenario is loosely based on a number of Western movie hits from the seventies and eighties. Players will choose to play as either one of two different characters: Billy, a young fugitive accused of murder, or the merciless vigilante hunting him down, the Reverend Ray, an ex-outlaw who turned to religion, believing that God Himself has chosen Ray to be the...

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  • BrenMG BrenMG

    How come the graphics on the screenshot looks like **** while my graphics looks so amazing LOL.

    3 +
    • #8Guest Guest

      This is CoJ 1. I'm betting you're playing CoJ Bound in blood which is the sequel.

  • LukasX LukasX

    nice game

    3 +
  • Arioch13 Arioch13

    I agree with Ace roccola that sort of thing really irritates me just on principle. Totally dispels the immersion factor. I dont care if its 300 dollars or 30. Anything that inhibits the immersion factor (especially pathetic nannying like the horse thing) really gets on my nerves. Personal liberty under attack enough in real life so I dont want to experience it when I am taking a break from my job (happen to be in politics)

    3 +
  • !iSikam_ !iSikam_

    CoJ the best!

    4 +
  • AceRoccola AceRoccola

    I could never get past the fact that the developers decided to take it upon themselves to EJECT YOU FROM THE GAME if you shoot a horse or an innocent person. I'm not going to pay 50 dollars for a game that not only puts ridiculous limits on what I can do, but kicks me out of my OWN game for shooting a freaking horse or a dead body. This is the old west, not Disney land.

    I can't believe I'm not able to find a mod that fixes this. Until such a mod exists, this game isn't even worth playing.

    3 +
    • Silverfisk Silverfisk

      Haha, you're gonna let a thing like that stop you from playing a game? Seems like you need to start thinking straight. If you kill a horse you you get game over, if you shoot a dead body it just tells you that you shouldn't do that and hopefully you stop, otherwise it's game over.

      It never kicks you out from the game, you just get game over and have to start from the last save. And nowdays it's 30 bucks on Steam. Great game, you should buy it!

      6 +
  • exdeath exdeath

    Calling doctor Juarez...
    Calling doctor Juarez...

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  • kal_Jerico kal_Jerico

    Yeah I totally agree Nat, when cranked up to its highest settings then the HDR lighting is fantastic and graphically its on par if not better than oblivion, it runs smoother than oblivion either way. I see what Gin is saying about loading times, it sometimes takes a while, which is probably the bad thing about high settings, but to be fair, its well worth the wait.
    Fantastic game regardless though, I particularly loved the horse chase, as it was out in the open.
    Yes it is linear most of the time, but you really won't care when your playing it.

    5 +
  • Nat562 Nat562

    wtf is that guy talking about the graphics arnt the best in the world, on high they are way better than something like oblivion, this is the best game for single player no doubt about it

    4 +