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The year is 2190 AD. On a routine exploration mission, science vessel FMM UV discovered an Earth like planet with a suitable climate for humankind. The surface of the planet was covered by a vast ocean with countless islands. This planet, code-named “FMM UV-32″, was declared inhospitable for colony life due to its unstable terrain and immense population of prehistoric like reptiles. News of this amazing planet spread and articles on the “Dinosaur Planet” lead an earth corporation to purchase the rights to the planet, and create the DinoHunt Corp. DinoHunt created the unique opportunity for paying customers to become dinosaur hunters for the first time in 50 million years.

You are the newest client of DinoHunt Corp.
The weapons you can hunt with are the X-bow, sniper rifle, or shot gun. Once on the islands you can roam wherever you like. Each island has hills, mountains, and rocks which can give you a better view, but you just might be seen as well. Valleys and mist filled river beds allow you to hide and wait for the prey as you use the calling device or you can scott between the trees. Anything is possible in this game.

Carnivores at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Action Forms
  • Publisher: Wizard Works