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After years of conflict, the Allies are finally on the brink of victory. Cowering behind the walls of the Kremlin, the Soviets decide to turn to one last act of desperation - the use of an experimental time travel device. The mission: to go back in time to eliminate Albert Einstein before he creates the technologies that will lead the Allies to ultimate victory. After a successful mission, the Soviets return to the present and find the Allied position weakened. But before they can truly celebrate, they find out their actions have spawned a new threat and global superpower: the mysterious, technologically-advanced Empire of the Rising Sun. Welcome to World War III.

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The Listening Outpost is a little paranoid. Who was better: The Listening or Attack Outpost? #CommandandConquer T.co

Nov 26 2013

The SCUD launcher has his finger on the button. What sort of warhead did you prefer? #CommandandConquer T.co

Nov 19 2013

The US Ambulance is such a neat freak. Did you ever use them to take care of your troops? #CommandandConquer T.co

Nov 12 2013

Black Lotus doesn't play well with others. What sort of espionage have you done with her? #CommandandConquer T.co

Nov 5 2013

I for one welcome our new Scrin overlords. Can you name all of the mighty Scin units? #CommandandConquer #TBT T.co

Oct 31 2013

The Toxin Tractor takes great pride in his work. What do you think their secret ingredient is? #CommandandConquer T.co

Oct 29 2013

National monuments are better with lasers. What other monument should get a CnC makeover? #CommandandConquer #TBT T.co

Oct 24 2013

C&C LIVE: Gameplay, Alpha Keys & More!: Twitch.tv

Oct 23 2013

Stay Tuned For C&C LIVE! : Twitch.tv

Oct 23 2013

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    how to add Command & Conquer(tm) Red Alert(tm) 3
    Version 1.0 ?
    Is it Mod Generals Evolution installed (Command & Conquer(tm) Red Alert(tm) 3
    Version 1.0)?

    image My GAME Rozup.ir
    I'm installation red3 and crack and RedAlert3_english_patch1.012 and copy mod to (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Red Alert 3\Mods\GenEvo)....But not run mod!!!
    run mod =run Rad3!!
    My GAME=Not original!!copy...Is it a problem؟
    please help. I have not installed modto game red3...help

    I'm sorry my English is not good to use Translate

  • sgthell sgthell

    Think any one will take the confederate revolutionaries from the paradox mod and make them in to a mini faction mod to download ? i would do it but my skills with code is well bad.


    I want to remove the FPS thing that is shown in the corner of the screen. It is distracting and unnecessary.

  • Gerun Gerun

    Where do i download it

  • #4Guest Guest

    may i ask something all of you?
    what is the latest version of this game?

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  • colonelalhafiz colonelalhafiz

    as empire what should ido in late game? mine exausted,oil refinery being destroy,gaining fund for military is hard thing.they only got advance robotic assemble

    • CiulloCorporation CiulloCorporation

      Ya, probably cheating is the only way.
      However, I've made a mod (Rush to Supremacy Origin) that halve all units cost, and make tech labs works like oil refinery.
      Still starving in late game, but it helps ;)

  • #0Guest Guest

    I really want to see another crossover universe mod, most likely in RA3.

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    • maxammo maxammo

      Well what RA3 will crossover?

      • ApocalypseTank ApocalypseTank

        Everything Westwood RTS Star Command and conquer Universe And Dune Nobody Did a Mod Of C&C Vs Dune


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