C&C: Tiberium Alliances


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Compete or ally with your friends in a worldwide war for precious resources. Based in the Command and Conquer Tiberium story world, C&C Tiberium Alliances allows players to experience C&C in a brand new way. Using HTML 5 technology, players are able to access their game from any web accessible browser.

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  • ZoneOP ☢ ZoneOP ☢

    Played the Closed Beta (s1 top10 player & top10 alliance) and quitted during Open Beta.
    **** became real when many lowskillers started buying their way through to top10.

    7 +
  • sgfan206 sgfan206

    I think this site lacks of updating. There's a lot of new stuff now. And the game gets more interesting and more challenging with each update!

    There are some issues with the gameplay, but it's still fun to play with.

    -1 +
  • Apocalypse9 Apocalypse9

    This game is such a let down :(, what has happened to C&C. The old C&Cs are amazing, wish they made renegade 2 or something; but no EA decides to make this ****.....

    10 +
  • Linqvist Linqvist

    I've been playing this since last February, and I'd say my expectations are exceeded. This C&C browsergame surely has got potential to grow into a fine.. what did I say, a UNIQUE & IMPRESSIVE game worthy of the C&C brand ! EA Phenomic, you rock :)

  • TotallySnappy TotallySnappy

    This is actually very fun! Though I imagine you will get the same old vocal "EA sucks" stuff in the background.

    4 +
  • sgfan206 sgfan206

    I've played the beta of it, and I have to say, I am pleasently surprised.

    It's not bad at all, on the contrary, it is really fun.

    And, in contrast to TT, this browser game has no story. So there's nothing you have to worry about, it's even for free!

    Play it, and if you don't like it, leave it. There's nothing to complain about this game.

    Sure, here and there some flaws or bugs, but it is still at beta-stage, so this will change eventually.

    And why shouldn't we pleased by a game which only intention is to sweeten the waiting for Generals 2?

    • abcd5799 abcd5799

      I've lost much of my hope in Generals 2. I mean, come on! Why the hell does EA have to include missiles that has blue flames on the back and plane/helicopter that's a total copy of halo?

  • Piemanlives Piemanlives

    i lost all hope in this series, and that's coming from a true supporter of CnC, hell i feel so sorry for the people who are watching it, i mean COME ON WHAT KIND OF **** IS THIS

  • burstisaac burstisaac

    that's it this game series is now dead to me i hate you EA for killing my Favourite game series of all time

    -2 +
  • Igncom1 Igncom1

    Ok ok ok, People dident like CNC3, and that ok because i liked it, People dident like RA3, but thats ok because i like it, CNC4 had a poor story and a non-traditional Gameplay style, so i respect the people who do like it.

    But this, this is a game a board student would make in the 1990's as a small project.

    This game is another farmville rip-off that it could only be more laughable if they were retarded enough to make people pay for it.

    The moment that advert said browser, you lost a supporter.

    4 +