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City of Heroes

Up, Up, and Away! City of Titans Kickstarted


The intensely loyal City of Heroes players who couldn’t save their beloved game have a new home. City of Titans,…

From the Ashes of City of Heroes Comes City of Titans


There’s loving a game and then there’s LOVING A GAME. It’s safe to put the petition-filing fans who attempted to…

Why MMO Death Blows & 4 Ways To Make It Interesting


Want to find out more ways that the MMO genre can be improved? Check out the rest of our series…

NCSoft Confirms They Can’t Save City Of Heroes


The fan campaign was not successful.

City Of Heroes Players Trying To Save The Game


It kind of sucks to see the game go.

PSA: Possible User Account Breaches At Cryptic Studios


Details inside.

New Face of City of Heroes to come from Community


Look; up in the sky! It’s n00b-pwner Man!

City of Heroes – Freedom Trailer


Because freedom isn’t free. No, wait, actually it is. City of Heroes is going F2P.

GameFront’s PAX Panel Watch-List (Infographic)


Out of over 150 panels at PAX, here are the top 30 to look out for.

MMO Roundup 8/11/2011 — Age of Conan Doubles Revenue in One Month, WoW Hotfixes, New Guild Wars 2 Video, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

City of Heroes Convergence Trailer Is Super


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an invented super-hero named “B4llS4kk69?”

MMO Roundup 7/28/2011 — BlizzCon Contests, LOTRO: Rise of Isengard Beta, New Old Republic Trailer, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

City of Heroes Freedom Coming Later This Year (Video)


Everyone is going free-to-play.

Leading Game Environment Artist Showcases Techniques Behind God of War 3 and City of Heroes


Aspiring video game artist? Check this out.

MMO Roundup 7/14/2011 — WoW Real ID Party Feature, LOTRO Concept Art, Rift Marriage Proposal, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

MMO Roundup 7/8/2011 — WoW Hotfixes, PlanetSide 2 Revealed, The Secret World Trailers, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

City of Heroes: Going Rogue Review – Part 1


In the first part of our Going Rogue review we look at the new player experience in City of Heroes and talk about the look and feel of the latest update to the long running super-hero MMORPG from NCSoft

City of Heroes Issue 19: Alpha Strike Detailed


Upcoming update for the original superhero MMORPG includes the return of old foes and a focus on high level content.

City of Heroes Gets Shades of Gray with "Going Rogue" Expansion

The world of Paragon City is getting a bit darker as the lines are blurred between good and evil. City…

City of Heroes Coming to Mac – NCsoft Launches Open Beta

The Mac is often over looked as a videogame platform, and although EA is pushing releases for it, Mac users…

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City of Heroes at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: MMO
  • Developer: Cryptic Studios
  • Publisher: NCSOFT
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: April 27, 2004