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The third in a series of games that has gradualy evolved as Civilizations themselves do, Civilization III draws on the history of Civilization I & II to create a new evolution for the franchise. Many minor adjustments and fixes have been made, along with bigger tweaks that hail from Firaxis' Alpha Centauri, such as unique factions. In Civilization one guides a civilization through war and peace over hundreds of years, from its birth to the Modern age. The turn based gameplay is singleplayer only, and is moddable with custom scenarios.

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  • doedoe doedoe


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  • caveman_gamer caveman_gamer

    the civ games have come a long least in this one u can see the units actually moving instead of sliding i think its much better then civ 2

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  • Radicalaces Radicalaces

    and gloryn, it is a culture game, not a military game, I have beaten the game before. The secret s to bulk units when attacking and defending, the tank shouldn't have lost if it was fortified, I have had my bad experiences when my persain marines landed on a beach in germany and all 5 of them were kill by pikemen. But hey, its a fun game and isnt as hard as you are saying.

    (P.s download the mods for it if you find the normal game stupid)

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  • Radicalaces Radicalaces

    syp.solidjake, its boring to the rest of my family too, and they all have a serious problem with ADHD, now scurry off to your action packed shooter or whatever you attentionless to detail kids are calling them these days :D

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    • chubber chubber

      If you're old enough to call others kids and have a family you should get off this site. That's creepy

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  • Gloryn Gloryn

    Civ 3 is another achieving installment to its series and you'd think after Civ 2 and then the Test of Time Flop release; that you wouldnt want much else. Civ 3 is actually rather worth it for you TBS Civ gamers who love to warm their chairs for winter after sitting at a game for 16 frigging hrs to beat one scenario. There are quite a few new things in Civ 3 that change the scope of the game alil. First is that units have range now. If u have a Howitzer Division, u can actually bombard a city from several grids away. Same with the Battle Ship. Another lil' add on is Cities are virtualy limitless in size almost. instead of just growing up, the begin to sprawl out aswell within their radius. Adds to the game play mixture when ever you have several squares that our City instead of just one. Thoes are just a few triats the Mr. Sid added.
    HOWEVER, much like Civ 1 and 2... and yeah even Test of Time counts... I wish Sid would watch a few War movies to learn how things works militarly. I simply do not See how Industrial Age RifleMen will get killed by Archers of the Classical Age type. Gets Worse when i had a SINGLE KNIGHT unit Besige ONE of my cities which was equiped and fortified with 2 TANKS, 3 Artillery pieces and 7 Riflemen. . . and yes ppl, the damn Knight Won! THAT was the last time i ended up playing them game. Even under Easiest the game has got the Stupidest F'ing stats to ever try and RESEMBLE Realism and so in my opinion; this game is better as a Sim City Empire Builder than a friggin military stratagy game. Its still agood Civ game, dont get me wrong; but u'll find urself cussing more than gloating.

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  • syp.solidjake syp.solidjake


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