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Company of Heroes 2 Expansion Takes On Battle of the Bulge


The term “standalone expansion” usually strikes me as a little strange and unhelpful, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a…

Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies Review: Old Meets New


The Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies DLC expands the offerings of Company of Heroes 2 without losing the…

Back to the Western Front in Company of Heroes 2 DLC


Boogey man is on the move once again. Relic Games tells Eurogamer that Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front…

Company of Heroes 2, Saints Row IV Get Free Weekend on Steam


If the somewhat mixed reviews, not to mention the outright ban in Russia, stopped you from pulling the trigger on…

Game Front Staff’s 2013 Game of the Year


2013 has been an odd year in the world of video games. As we’ve talked about on our podcast and…

CoH 2: Victory at Stalingrad DLC Launches Next Week


For Mother Russia!

Company of Heroes 2: Turning Point Update Releases Next Week


Adds mod tools.

Relic or Russia: Who’s Rewriting History in Company of Heroes 2?


Addressing Relic’s mistakes, Russian complaints, and the recent sales ban.

SEGA to Russians: We ‘Regret Any Offense’ Over Company of Heroes 2


1C stops selling CoH 2 in Russia due to offensive depictions, SEGA comments

Company of Heroes 2 Sales Halted in Russian Territories



Company of Heroes 2 Review: Relic Wins a Land War in Asia


How does Relic’s award-winning WWII RTS fare on the Eastern Front?

Company of Heroes 2 Single-Player Dev Diary Explores Critical Themes


Company of Heroes 2′s single player campaign bases itself on real history.

Company of Heroes 2 Walkthrough


Become a hero of Stalingrad with our Company of Heroes walkthrough.

Company of Heroes 2 Cheats


Red Army Rising.

Company of Heroes 2: Theater of War Hands-On: Launch the Blitzkrieg!


Hone your skills with this mode, which bridges single- and multiplayer.

Company of Heroes 2 Beta Preview: Da, Tovarisch!


How is Relic’s much-delayed Eastern Front RTS shaping up?

Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Orders Include Campaign DLC


You’ll get an extra campaign for pre-ordering the game.

Closed Beta is Coming to Company of Heroes 2


Players who pre-order Company of Heroes 2 can partake in the game’s closed beta.

Company of Heroes Lives On With Steamworks Integration


Company of Heroes lives on.

Company of Heroes 2 Infographic Highlights What’s New


Releases June 25.

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