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Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes Lives On With Steamworks Integration


Company of Heroes lives on.

Company of Heroes 2 Infographic Highlights What’s New


Releases June 25.

Company of Heroes 2 Release Date Announced


Just as well, the date for the game’s closed beta is coming soon.

Company of Heroes 2 Release Remains on Schedule


Company of Heroes 2 is safe in Sega’s hands.

THQ Officially Sold, Will Be Gone in Weeks



Company of Heroes 2 New User Interface Revealed


Command Card remains the same.

Next Company of Heroes Game Could Be Set “Anywhere”


F2P still an option.

Company of Heroes 2 – Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

company of heroes 2 thumb

Boom boom shoot shoot.

Barbarossa Nova: Hands-on with Company of Heroes 2


An advanced look at Relic’s WWII RTS sequel.

Company of Heroes 2 Beta Starts After New Year

company of heroes 2 thumb

We have the deets.

Company of Heroes 2 Trailer is All Huge Battles and Devastation

company of heroes 2 thumb

World War II was tough.

Company of Heroes 2 Gets Steam Pre-Purchase Bonuses


In-game currency, XP boost, freebies and more.

Company of Heroes 2, South Park RPG, Metro: Last Light Delayed


What’s that? Bad news from THQ? That’s unexpected.

Company of Heroes 2 Gets Pre-Order, Collector’s Edition Goodness

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You’ve got some options for free intangible items.

Company of Heroes 2 is Shaping Up to Be An Extremely Innovative RTS

company b

I’ve long said that the “fog of war” needed updating, glad to see someone’s listening.

Watch Our Interview With Company of Heroes 2 Director Quinn Duffy


And get a great history lesson.

Relic: Company of Heroes 2 is a “Deep, Compelling Experience”


Get the lowdown on Relic’s upcoming sequel in this E3 video interview.

What We’re Excited About for E3 2012

zeldapuppet thumb

We’re looking forward to some huge games at E3 2012. Here’s what we’re hoping to see.

Game Front’s Guide to E3 (GRAPHIC)


Check out the games of E3.

Company of Heroes 2 Gets an Official Press Release, More Info

company of heroes 2 thumb

We know what engine it’ll use.

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Company of Heroes 2 at a Glance