Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero advances the #1 online action game series by introducing objective based single-player action, the official CS bot, and special enhancements for online play. CS:CZ is a tactical action game that challenges you to compete with and against cunning computerized opponents in a Tour of Duty across the globe.

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  • moddb_dev moddb_dev

    I have CS Anthology and HL Anthology on steam.But I could not play CS and CZ smoothly.

    I have lag problem on online servers and I have lag problem on lan server.

    My friend creates a server and I connect to his server.I can't play smoothly on his server.
    When I create server he can't play smoothly.

    "cl_lw 0" fixes lag problem but it isn't legal in tournaments and matches

    I know it is a client problem.I can play smoothly in singleplayer (with bots)

    I tried rate commands,disabling firewall,disabling DEP etc. but they didn't fix problem

    Also,I am using vsync.When I set fps to 100, it doesn't fix problem.So,I must play in 60fps because I am using 60hz screen.

    Here is my gameplay video:
    Note:if you watch in fullscreen and 720p you can see lag.(When I jump and fire)

    Note:I don't have lag problem like this on other games(CS Source,CS GO,BF etc.)

  • kamkaze18 kamkaze18

    i think CS:CZ Deleated scene like combinasion half life single player and counter strike

    • staffssuckshit staffssuckshit

      Deleted Scenes is really a single player version of Counter Strike series, and it is the only single player version. Yeah some effect just looks like Half Life(GIBS)

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  • GamerFan2014 GamerFan2014

    where do I install this game??
    already missed it. cant find it anywhere

    • staffssuckshit staffssuckshit

      If I wasn't wrong, you can get Deleted-Scenes with buying Condition Zero too.

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  • FluffyKittenChan FluffyKittenChan

    Pretty cool game.

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  • Jevuner Jevuner

    Looks like CoD MW copied from CS CZ and Deleted Scenes...
    But still it owns any CoD ****

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  • arrowhooks arrowhooks

    how do i install

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