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Crysis Wars is the standalone multiplayer game bundled with Crysis: Warhead. Building upon the original Crysis' multiplayer game, it has been expanded and improved with a new gamemode as well as many new maps.

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We're looking for a Lighting Artist to work in @HuntShowdown!

Jul 21 2017 by crytek

RT @HuntShowdown: "They shall know you by your rifle". Hunter, here are the tools of our trade. The time to arm yourself draws near.…

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RT @HuntShowdown: “Kiss the mouth but fear the teeth.” ->Caldwell Rival 78 Handcannon<- A sawed-off shotgun for every occasion.

Jul 17 2017 by crytek

RT @HuntShowdown: “Death aims only once, but never misses.” ->Sparks LRR<- Take down large game with this powerful ranged rifle.

Jul 14 2017 by crytek

RT @HuntShowdown: In the name of two, bound by blood. Let us drink from the fountain of death. Here’s to the hunter. Here’s to the hu…

Jun 27 2017 by crytek

RT @HuntShowdown: We have journeyed across the Great Ocean and back and met with many Hunters.

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RT @HuntShowdown: My only will, my daughter, is when you grow up and decide to do what your old man did, that you always remember……

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Is there any doubt?

Dec 13 2016 by crysis

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  • modsuki modsuki

    Hey Crysis fans. I'm searching 2 Crysis/Wars maps now.

    1. The Target
    2. Forgotten Island Dead

    The Target is Crysis Wars map. There is the DL link of it on official download page. But the file is broken. This map was popular, so I think some people still have it.

    Forgotten Island Dead is Crysis map. This is a rare map.
    I think many people played Forgotten Island Lost. Forgotten Island Dead was next project of it. I played it. But I lost the file... I tried to contact auther, but no answer.

    If you have(or find) these maps, please inform. Please!!!

  • Alcador1610 Alcador1610

    This game is awesome XD

  • mistercasanova mistercasanova

    where are the download!

    0 +
  • Bobfuria Bobfuria

    Could any one upload here the original autoexec.cfg file?

    2 +
    • Chrjs Chrjs

      you only need one for modified graphics.

      2 +
      • Bobfuria Bobfuria

        Ah yes, it is true.

        Can't believe I ignored that

        2 +
  • InvaderAvP66 InvaderAvP66

    Huh, the only mod that is released and good is MWLL.

    2 +
  • FelipeFR FelipeFR

    Seeing all this mods like Casus Belli and Traction Wars, I'm getting pretty interested in buying Warhead too...

    6 +
    • Grenade! Grenade!

      But none of them are released even now...

      4 +
      • Blakluma Blakluma

        buy it of steam, i bought it from EA before Origin now i have to deal with origin D; .