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The Fix for the Gauss Rifle Problem is in the Full Discription. DO NOT to install the loading screens in the Natural mod, or the System.cfg or they will replace my custom settings! Also, if you install ragdoll patch for 1.2\1.21, don't install Uncut patch, undoes my fixes. WARNING: This mod installs Ragdoll Bloodmod, this effects crutial files in the Bin32\Bin64 Folders. This may cause conflicts with other mods you want to run in game. Mods like Gravity Boots, Jumper in the City, etc. Will not work with this because of the effected files by the Ragdoll Mod. To make these other Mods work Just Replace the Bin32/64 Files with the originals. HERE ARE SOME ASPECTS OF MANY MORE. READ FULL DESCRIPTION... 1. Suit Strength Mode and SuitSpeed Mode Slightly Increased, New effects in CloakMode. 2. ScarGrenade Explosion vary depending on the surface they hit. 3. Fully Rotating Camera In Hummers and Trucks, Trucks have extra Camera Views w\F1. 4. Drive Hummers and Trucks from Passenger seats.

Crysis CRY-HARD, MOD COMPILATION + Blood & Ragdoll

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