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The recipient of every major "Best RPG of the Year" award, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall revolutionizes the world of role-playing games, creating a new standard in 3D graphics and role-playing expansiveness. The second chapter in The Elder Scrolls, Daggerfall contains, literally, hundreds of hours of gameplay.

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  • maxammo maxammo

    My character grinds on city guards for xp since some monsters have immunity with lower tier weapons. The guards will arrest you when they successfully land a hit on you. For added bonus try playing a ranged type character.

    And some inns are known to have Daedric Weapons.

    • #4Guest Guest

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  • Avoozl Avoozl

    It kind of sucks how a game made 3 years after Doom didn't ever get official modding tools or a source code release.

    4 +

      None of the Bethesda games saw the source code release.
      Trust me, fans would bury Bethesda so deep with bug fixes and new upgrades. It's kind a no wonder they never released a source code.
      They should really, I mean the games are single player. Who gives a damn, give fans the freedom if you stop supporting the games.

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  • cordenand cordenand

    simply one of the best games ever made burn alive any one who says otherwise lol

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  • TheConsul TheConsul

    LOVED Daggerfall, I just wished they could've implemented everything they (Bethesda) had in mind when they were developing this and didn't had to rush it. The bugs were pretty bad when it got first released and was never completely dealt with, but when you over look the bugs it truly was a fantastic game. The lore in DF is really deep and I love that aspect also.

    Just remember when playing Daggerfall:


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  • Distort Distort

    This is what started Skyrim, all bow down to it's ancestor.

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  • sethfc sethfc

    Anyone that wants to play on newer systems can either use dosbox or a virtual PC

    Also look for the fully made setup version with auto configed dosbox if setting it up otherwise is too difficult.

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  • faulk faulk

    If they would port this to the ds or some other handheld, I would be very pleased. And I would buy it. :-)

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