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Darkwood is a oldschool, top-down, sandbox survival horror, with RPG and roguelike elements. It features a non-linear, open world with a day and night cycle, very dense atmosphere, brutal and tactical combat, and crafting.

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RT @Bukibags: wolfman from darkwood. AKA my boyfriend T.co

Dec 6 2017

Darkwood is in some fine company indeed! T.co

Dec 5 2017

RT @LancePearson_: @TheAcidWizard Found this artpiece by Klaus Wittmann that reminds me of Darkwood a lot! T.co

Dec 5 2017

RT @gynecomaster: I think I'm making a reversed-horror game. The player isn't gonna be the scared one. #screenshotsaturday #monogameT.co

Nov 26 2017

RT @adrianchm: Everybody in the gaming industry is watching the #StarWarsBattlefrontII drama unfold. The future is clear: no outra… T.co

Nov 15 2017

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  • Heiach Heiach

    Gameplay review: Youtube.com

    I hear tell of a game that's been in development for many, many years and now it's finally released! So heck yeah I'll try it out! I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before to be honest. Oh and it's spooky, and it's called Darkwood!

    I actually jumped quite a bit a couple of times. It's been a while since a game's done that to me! Maybe that's why I avoid scary games...

  • NecoTheSergalChef NecoTheSergalChef

    I made a Long, 12-part series-Let's Play of this game a while ago - but I thought to share my experiences with it - I bought and play it on Steam but it's definitely a game I'm looking forward to having a full release, it bugs me that I haven't been able to beat it yet since whenever I do play it, I ONLY play Permadeath mode - I will not change that ;o The only way to beat a horror game with rogue-like options is to play it with Permadeath!!!


  • Dynamont Dynamont

    Hey guys hows it going

    I have just started playing this game and I think it has a lot of potential! It looks REALLY GOOD, Very interesting

    - Strong Story
    - Interesting
    - SCARY!

    Here is Part 1 of my Playthrough for the game
    Give it a watch and like it so I can make more videos on it!


    Thanks guys! :D

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  • yupfrank yupfrank

    GAU Studios Preview of the top down survival horror, Darkwood Youtube.com

  • forksnapper forksnapper

    This is a pretty challenging, yet awesome game! The atmosphere is lovely and horrific! Its darkness makes me want to explore all the places, but its too creepy to lurk about without a torch or even a flare, it makes me worry about what kind of something something might I bump into .___.

    I posted my adventure on YouTube: Youtu.be

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  • BagelPlays BagelPlays

    Hey just started a Let's Play of Darkwood if anybody is interested

    Here's the video:

  • Sebastian69 Sebastian69

    This is AWESOME!!
    I want to play it, your work is amazing. :D

  • yangkee101 yangkee101

    Okay,quick question mister?
    At what percentage do you consider the game is finished now?
    Not rushing for the release just curious.
    Your work is awesome!

  • #0Guest Guest

    darkwood is coming in april?

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