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DC Universe Online

8 New Legends Characters Coming to DC Universe Online (VIDEO)

dc universe online new legends thumb

There’s new superheroes and new superpowers on the way to DC Universe Online. Our James Heaney sat down with Senior…

Sony Unveils SOE All-Access Subscription Model


SOE will use an all-in-one subscription model for all of its MMO titles. Are you still playing Everquest or Everquest…

Sony Online Shuttering Four Games, Adding All-In-One Sub


Sony Online Entertainment announced today that it will be dropping four of of its MMOs in the next six months,…

SOE “Likely” Making Single $15 Sub Good for All its Games


One sub to rule them all? That’s the Sauron-style proposition Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley is currently considering. In…

Confirmed PlayStation 4 Launch Titles


Here’s what you’ll be playing on day one.

DC Universe Online Introduces Lairs


Lairs are perfect for brooding and/or sulking.

DC Universe Online Shows ‘Free to Play is Huge’ on PS3

dcou pvp thumb

The game also shows that MMOs are viable on consoles.

DC Universe Online Gets PvP DLC Pack Tomorrow

dcou pvp thumb

New PvP modes and scenarios are getting added.

Namco Bandai: All Free-To-Play Games Suck

naruto blah blah blah

Well, I guess that puts the matter to rest.

DC Universe Online By The Numbers Since Going Free-To-Play (700% Daily Revenue Increase)


It’s looking good for those guys.

One Million New People Have Started Playing DCUO


That’s what happens when you put the world ‘free’ in front of your sentence!

Number of DC Universe Online Players Up 1000%


Since they went free-to-play.

DC Universe Online F2P Starts Tuesday


A whole day late! What would Superman say?

DC Universe Online Will Be Free To Play In October


Whether or not you’ll want to play remains to be seen.

DC Universe Online Dev Explains Why Green Lantern is the Focus of First DLC Pack (TRAILER)

dcuo green lantern thumb

Not just for the movie tie-in (but probably for the movie tie-in)!

DC Universe Online Megaservers Merger — You Can Lose Your Name


But I put so much thought into the name “SuperBoobs!”

Comic-Con 2011: SOE Triple Preview Feature


Hands-on with three Sony contenders and inside scoops into their futures. Can you say Payday movie?

DC Universe Online DLC Pack Adds Green Lantern

dcuo green lantern thumb

You can make your own Green Lantern guys for the low cost of $9.99.

SOE Reports 12,700 Credit Card Numbers, 24.6 Million Accounts Compromised


More bad news from Sony.

DC Universe Online Batcave Raid 3 Video


Bad things happen to Batman. Hint: OMAC.

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DC Universe Online at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC, Playstation 3
  • Genre: MMO
  • Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
  • Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: Q1 2011